Iced Cacao Latte Recipe: A Perfect Summer Beverage

Iced Cacao Latte Recipe: A Perfect Summer Beverage

Recently we shared a video of our Iced Cacao Latte on social media that got a huge response. So we decided to share the recipe here!

It makes a 16oz beverage, which is larger than we would usually do a drink of pure ceremonial cacao.

Cacao does have a stimulating nature, mostly from theobromine, but also some caffeine.

This Cacao Latte makes it possible to enjoy a larger beverage without getting too wired.

And anyway, cacao doesn’t cause a crash or cravings like drinks with caffeine alone. Cacao offers a gentler, more sustained kind of energy.

That makes it perfect for a summer afternoon. It’s rich, creamy, refreshing – and it’s ice cold!

Remember, it’s important to use a blender or handheld frother.

Since our ceremonial cacao is unprocessed and still contains all the natural cacao butter, it needs rapid agitation to fully emulsify the cacao butter.

Otherwise the cacao would just sink to the bottom, especially when making an iced drink.

As a back-up, you could use an insulated thermos as a “shaker.” Try different ways and see what works best for you!

As for which type of cacao, we recommend pre-ground Heart of the Earth because it comes in a fine texture that's easy to melt for really smooth iced cacao drinks.

But really, you could use any of the pure ceremonial cacao or drinking chocolate varieties in our shop.

Here are the steps to make an Iced Cacao Latte:

1. Measure 1oz of chopped cacao (about 1/4 cup) and pour into the blender
2. Add 1 tablespoon natural sweetener if desired. We recommend coconut sugar.
3. Add 4oz of steaming hot water. (NOTE: If using a blender, make sure it has a soft lid so that it won’t build up pressure.)
4. Blend for 30 seconds.
5. Fill a 16oz (pint) glass to the brim with ice.
6. Pour the cacao drink over ice.
7. Let sit for 15 seconds so the ice can partially melt.
8. Slowly pour in 4oz of oat milk. (You can use another type of non-dairy milk, but oat milk is one of the creamiest.)
9. BONUS: Top with non-dairy whipped cream if you have some!

If you succeeded, your drink will hopefully look something like this photo.

Now enjoy with deep breaths! Verified Reviews Badge
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