Soul Lift Cacao Statement on COVID-19

Soul Lift Cacao Statement on COVID-19

(LAST UPDATED 5/21/2020)

Soul Lift Cacao is focused on your health and well-being at all times.

But that’s especially true during the current global health situation.

The FDA has said there’s no evidence that covid-19 could be transmitted by food or beverage products.

Yet as a legal, inspected food business, we’re taking extra steps to ensure your safety. Like sanitizing work surfaces and wearing food gloves even when preparing packages to ship out.

We’re a small team, so we can manage things easily and responsibly.

Our legal, inspected commercial kitchen is approved for use as an essential business during this time.

Luckily we have ample stock of everything we offer: pure ceremonial cacao, drinking chocolate mixes, and superfood snacks (see them in our Online Shop).

And we ship by USPS Priority Mail, which is operating with only minor delays in the U.S. (3-4 days in transit instead of the usual 2-3 days).

International shipments normally take 6-10 business days, but could be delayed due to COVID-19 – possibly up to 2-3 weeks. USPS says this is likely to happen for shipments to France, Great Britain, Spain, Sweden, or Switzerland.

USPS is currently not shipping at all to 67 other countries. Please read the USPS section on this page to see if your country of residence is one of those. If you order to one of those countries, we’ll have to refund your purchase.

It’s our mission to help you enjoy some of the world’s best artisanal cacao. It might be just the right thing to lift your spirits in these challenging times.

In doing so, you’ll be supporting our Mayan indigenous suppliers through their profit-sharing models.

If you have any questions, please reach out.

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