Cacao-Powered Business Coaching

Cacao-Powered Business Coaching

Are you a healer, coach, or facilitator who’s ready to truly level up as an entrepreneur?

As a superfood and plant medicine, ceremonial cacao can supercharge your own personal and professional development.

And as an add-in to your offerings, it can maximize the impact and value you’re providing to clients.

Our cacao trainings teach about the philosophy of transformational facilitation and how to bring cacao into a modern context of healing and self-development.

And coaching is the best way to turn your professional practice into a sustainable business that can improve your quality of life while creating positive change in the world!

Coaching isn’t a substitute for facilitation training. They go hand-in-hand to transform you into a skilled, ethical, and successful entrepreneur.

We offer both group and private coaching options.


Nick Meador (top and center) can’t wait to help you level up in your practice!

Nick Meador (top and center) can’t wait to help you level up in your practice!

Are you craving a mastermind experience to support your mindful or holistic business?

Soul Lift Cacao founder Nick Meador leads these calls with a deep respect for the journey you’re on to share your soul gifts with the world.

In the group calls you get advice from Nick, who can help unfold any pretzels you end up in.

And you also get the wisdom of a group of people working with cutting-edge technologies for holistic wellness.

All with an atmosphere of consent, so no ideas or beliefs are forced upon you. It’s always up to you to decide what to take out with you.

We meet LIVE by Zoom video on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, from 6-7pm Pacific time.

Calls are recorded for members to stream anytime. If you know you’ll miss one, you can even submit questions in advance!

As an extra bonus, all members get a pound of ceremonial cacao each month that they’re an active member of group coaching.

This is not a program of a set length of time. Group coaching goes on indefinitely, and you can remain a member as long as you want.

BETA LAUNCH: If you join before Sept 1, 2020, you’ll get your group coaching membership at 1/3 the regular rate for your first three months!

WE BEGIN ON JULY 1, 2020. Now’s the time! Let’s do this!

If you’ve already registered, click the Academy link below:



Are you craving a lot of one-on-one support to help you develop your business model?

Maybe things are starting to ramp up in your practice? Or you’re transitioning further away from your day job?

Then private coaching is the thing for you!

Typically a private coaching package includes:

  • Three (3) one-hour video calls per month (recorded for reference)

  • Audio message and email support between calls

  • And ceremonial cacao shipped right to you!

  • BONUS: If you start private coaching before Sept 1, 2020, your package will also include group coaching sessions

Feeling called to private coaching? Let’s set up a complimentary call to talk about your needs and desires and see if this is the right fit.


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