Mastermind for Cacao-Powered Entrepeneurs Launches July 20!

Mastermind for Cacao-Powered Entrepeneurs Launches July 20!

Are you ready to take the next decisive steps on your journey as an entrepreneur, and truly level-up your business?

Soul Lift Cacao founder Nick Meador is hosting the first-ever Cacao-Powered Entrepreneur mastermind this summer! It's simultaneously a mini-accelerator program for spiritual entrepreneurs, and a facilitated journey to connect more deeply with ceremonial cacao as a source of inspiration, determination, and optimism in your work.

The last two years had a profound impact on everyone. Now we can look back and peel apart the layers, to see who we are now and what path we want to walk from here. Ceremonial cacao can help in this process of integration – of putting the pieces together in a way that makes some sense. 

With his social enterprise business, Nick sources artisanal cacao through ethical direct trade with Mayan collectives in Guatemala. The cacao seeds are toasted over wood fire and peeled by hand the ancient, traditional way. The cacao makers send intentions into the cacao for it to be a soul medicine for the world. This *true* ceremonial cacao offers a much deeper reward than products that are more processed or lack transparency in sourcing.

And Nick brings eight years of experience in entrepreneurship and nearly a decade of transformational facilitation. Each session will focus on a different aspect of building a business plan. We’ll also do solo embodiment exercises and small group communication practices. This holistic approach is necessary to be on the leading edge as a mindful entrepreneur today. 

In between sessions you'll have exercises for connecting with cacao and for developing your business plan. Plus you can stay in touch with the team via a private Signal group.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity. It's the perfect chance to bring structure and momentum to your vision, so you can prepare your offering or project for a fall 2022 launch!


  • Wednesdays, 5:30-7pm PT (8:30-10pm ET)
  • 7/20, 7/27, 8/3, 8/10, 8/17
  • Zoom video conference


  • 5 Live Sessions, 90 minutes each (recorded for reference)
    • 1) Mission/Vision
    • 2) Products/Services
    • 3) Financial Plan
    • 4) Branding/Marketing
    • 5) Putting it Together (Integration)
  • 1lb ground Heart of the Earth ceremonial cacao and a 14oz bag of the *NEW* Adapt bioactive cacao blend (ceremonial cacao, medicinal mushrooms, mood-boosting mucuna, aromatic spices, no added sugar; product working title subject to change). FREE SHIPPING! NEARLY A $100 VALUE.
  • One Private Phone Coaching Session with Nick Meador
  • Private Signal Group for ongoing support from the team


$980 USD

*Installment option available if needed

*5% of profits will go to a charitable cause in Guatemala (TBD)


In order to create a cohesive energy in the group, Nick is asking people to fill out this application first. If selected you'll be sent an invitation letter with further instructions on how to register.



“My heart is so much more open when I have cacao at the start of the day. When I begin sending emails or making calls my energy is totally different, and my clients can feel that. I have probably made more than $100,000 as a result of exploring a relationship with cacao and drinking it 3-5 times per week. It boosts my confidence, but also calms me down. There’s nothing else like it.” -Matthew T. Cooke, Executive Coach*


Ceremonial cacao is the natural, unprocessed form of chocolate grown in tropical regions around the world. Most people know cacao as a superfood or “biohacking” tool. It has possibly the highest amount of antioxidants of any food. Cacao contains beneficial minerals like iron and magnesium. It contains and promotes the release of “happy” neurotransmitters in the brain. And the main active compound, theobromine, gives a boost of energy without the crash or cravings that can happen with coffee.

Yet cacao also has another aspect not spoken about in health food stores. Cacao seeds (aka “beans”) were literally used as currency in ancient Mesoamerican cultures. It has also been used for ritual and celebratory purposes for thousands of years. This more mysterious "plant medicine" side of cacao offers the potential to put you more in touch with your body and your soul. You can gain insights into the best direction moving forward, as well as the focus and motivation to take action towards those goals.

Soul Lift Cacao works in close partnership with Mayan teachers and cacao workers in an ongoing effort to bridge cacao into the modern world. Based on their input we believe what's most important in sharing cacao in modern settings is to source it ethically and responsibly, be clear that this is not an indigenous practice, and strive to stay humble in our work with cacao. In this way, we can utilize cacao in a modern context with respect and integrity, through an ethical transmission of cultural elements that gives back in the form of acknowledgment and higher-than-average payment. Feel free to write to with any questions.


*Disclaimer: While this is a real testimonial, this program does not guarantee any specific amount of income.

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