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Mayan Scarf (Large)
Todd Fahrner
I now have two

I wasn’t sure at first what I would do with them. Turns out, lots of things. I wanted to make a ceremonial space for cacao, meditation, incense, entheogenics, breathwork. Anything handmade in a more sane culture, so bright, is welcome in this space. These are now elements, either as a table runner or gathered into semicircles around other elements.

I have also worn them both. At first I thought the rainbow one would be way too wild for my usual drab quail clothing palette, but the bright pop sets up a dramatic contrast. Even quails have some shimmery pops around the throat in the right lights. It’s nice to carry over the reminder of ceremonial insights into regular life business this way, in dress.

Cacao Frother
Kimberly Carroll
Happy Happy

Excellent foam and rechargeble batteries!!

New to Cacao.

I was introduced to Cacao medicine from a friend and have recently began my journey. I initially was looking for a morning coffee/caffeine substitute. Cacao is much more than that. Coupled with a meditative morning ceremony, giving thanks and setting good intention, I feel a calm soothing sense of energy throughout my day. I purchased Heart of Earth and thoroughly enjoying all it's offering. Looking forward to trying others. Thank you Soul Lift.


Really delicious and has a kick, which is exactly what I was looking and hoping for.

"Imperfect" Cacao
Angelica Hayes
Far from imperfect!

Might be sold as imperfect for whatever reason, but truly far from imperfection. This cacao has been a gift to receive and consume and I am ever grateful for the high quality and accessible medicine you provide.

Excellent quality

I’ve been getting copal from Mexico for 20 years. This is excellent quality- long burning and rich scented. Worth the cost for sure !

One of my favorites

Ruk'u'x Ulew is one of my go-to's when it comes to working with cacao. Nice texture, nice flavor, and it's great for people who are new to authentic indigenous medicine.

Delicious Cacao

I purchased The Heart of the Earth Cacao, which was delicious and potent. The cacao came fast and was well packaged. Will definitely use Soul Lift again.

Mayan Copal Incense
Amaya Kalki

I love the power of Copal to cleanse, the Heart, Soul, and Home. It's so wonderful to have a local resource with access to having it made in a traditional manner that honors our brothers and sisters preparing it for us. The Love is as potent as the incense, in the Copal and at Soul Lift Cacao! Thank you so very much for an amazing visit.


By far one of the best cacaos, I've ever had the chance to try 😌 I wish it wasn't a limited edition and instead more of an addition 🥰

The best Cacao

This is the best Cacao! I love it


I drank a cup at the end of the day trying to relax. The cocoa was delicious with a bit of spice! I recommend this product to anyone!

Fantastic medicine, fantastic service

Shipping was super fast, and the cacao provided (heart of the earth) helped me move through some really heavy emotions. Thank you soul lift!

Cacao Paste

This cacao was so potent. I enjoyed the rich full taste in each sip.

Gorgeous chocolate

A while back I picked up Heart of the Earth to make mole negro, and it was gorgeous. The rich silky chocolate complemented the chiles beautifully.

The cacao drink was really good, and the employee at the store did a really good job explaining the process through which it arrives to our cup. She also did a good job describing all the products the store offers and their mission as a business. Highly recommended.

Wonderful for Ceremony

I love the Heart of the Earth cacao for ceremony and special occasions. I feel like it truly brings in the spirit of Mother Earth and our connection with her. I've added a small amount of coconut sugar and cinnamon, mixing with half water and half coconut milk. It's also wonderful mixed with either the Spicy Dark or Sacred Chai drinking chocolates, adding a bit more depth to the taste experience.

My Favorite!

The Sacred Chai has such a beautiful blend of spices and slight sweetness of the coconut sugar. It's the perfect afternoon treat. I make it with half water and half coconut milk.

Taste Adventure!!

I love the spiciness of this drinking chocolate, and often combine it with the Sacred Chai for even more flavor adventure! I usually mix with half water and half coconut milk for more creaminess.

Happy day!

We made a party blending three choices. All were wonderful - this was the best (maybe it was because we steeped cardamom in our plant milk for our preparation.

unwind, rewind, reset

We were unprepared for the richness of the experience. Bitterness with such a smooth edge had us setting up the coffee press to make the most exquisite cup of cocoa and coffee. We usually drink a second cup mid-morning but this left us so satisfied we did not crave a second cup. I sat and looked out the window at the ice storm perfectly content to be trapped in our home for a few days enjoying each other’s company, relaxing, unwinding, and celebrating the start of Yule. We have finished the large bag already and hope this will be a Seasonal offering for years to come.


I'm treating myself to this morning ritual everyday!
I heat up coconut water and a scoop of the foods of the Gods and savor!

Love Love Lava Love

I absolutely love this cacao blend! Is definitely one of the best cacao blends I’ve tried! Rich and so flavorful, high vibrational medicine. With so much gratitude and reverence to this sacred practice, I use it in my daily life and in ceremonial spaces as I share with others this love, open heart medicine and tradition the best way I can.
Thank you for all you do at SoulLift Cacao ❤️

Heart of the Earth

Lovely product. Best Cacao experience I have had. Velvety, thick and soothing, and full of luscious flavor even without much honey. Verified Reviews Badge
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