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Favorite one

I have tried a few and I appreciate each one but my favorite is this one. It brings me to more of a heart center and feels uplifting. The flavor is amazing as well.

Really grew on me

At first, I had trouble with the bitter taste of Mama Amor, but wow, it grew on me. Love!

A daily joy

Rich in flavor with an uplifting sense after I've enjoyed it. The roasted flavors, maybe a bit of banana in there too.... It is gentle and enjoyable. Nothing too complicated but a simple please I am grateful to sip on.

So delicious and amazing quality!

When I visited Guatemala for the first time, I came across the store Lava Love and immediately went in. I am a huge chocolate and cacao fan and trying their product was like a balsamic to the soul and body. The people who attended me were kind and welcoming. I took home some cacao paste and when I ran out, I was a bit sad because it was really giving me so many benefits. Little did I know that they shipped to Puerto Rico and as soon as I found out, I had to order. Its now part of my routine and a true blessing to appreciate this beautiful tradition. Thank you for making this product with so much love!

Sweet loving energy Cacao Ceremony

Love the details of the packaging and the cacao is rich. This was easy to prepare for our Cacao Ceremony. 1 lb bag was enough for 20 people and they loved the taste. Sweet and heart opening cacao lead our circle with a beautiful mayan altar. The energy of this Cacao was felt deeply. Infinite thanks for making this available.

Great taste!

I love the flavor of this; I have it every evening before bed and find it helps with relaxation. I probably don't have the full serving but even a Tbsp in a cup of hot water with a splash of milk is delish. I only wish it mixed better. I use boiling water and an electric hand mixer/whisker, and there are still pieces that aren't fully blended. How? I would think the hot water would do the trick! Either way, it tastes great.

We're glad you like Unwind! It sounds like you might need to use a little more of the mix to get it to blend. 1tbsp of mix might do okay in a small amount of water (2 oz). But a full serving would be 3-4 tbsp in 8oz of hot water. That will allow more cacao butter to emulsify and create a richer, frothier drink. Also, make sure the water is at least at steaming temperature. Hope that helps!

A daily ceremony

I absolutely love this ceremonial cacao. My favorite is mixing with almond milk, honey, and cinnamon. I am grateful to all who make it possible for this cacao to be in my hands each day. It has a special energy to it and I love connecting with it. It opens my heart, allowing me to connect back to Self and hold space for healing.

Great for the morning

Making a glass of this goodness is a satisfying ritual for the morning routine. Feels like connection to the Earth itself. While I was drinking this outside one morning, a beautiful hummingbird swooped in to check out the aroma and it was magical. Recommended!


Delicious! Even just smelling the mix in the bag made my mouth water!

Perfect blend

This is a perfect blend of chill energy for me at work. I can focus and enjoy my challenges. Highly recommended!


Nice cacao to spice mix. Enjoy drinking in the mornings. Ready to use just put in hot water and blend. Delicious.

Intense, dark flavor

This cacao is so far the strongest one I’ve tried! It’s flavor is so rich and overpowering, provides a lot of energy almost like coffee, I personally use less of this cacao because the flavor is very intense, it really honors it’s name: LA NOCHE 🌑 I love it ❤️

Great intro to cacao

I like dark chocolate and this was the perfect mix to serve as my intro to cacao. I was looking for a coffee substitute (I get serious jitters with coffee) and I found this. I love starting my day with a mug of this dark drinking chocolate. I’m so glad I found this company

A sweet berry yet earthy flavor I crave every day!

This cacao is truly special - it has a unique and rich flavor compared to other cacao that's a little flat. I didn't really understand "grandmother" spirit until I had this cacao every day, and it definitely has a scared feel and grounds me like nothing else. Will definitely order more!


This was an interesting experience for me. The foam tastes perfect for my palate, and as I sip deeper into the preparation, I notice the stone fruit come forward strongly. This variety seems to have a little more of an acidity to it than Lava Love and Heart of the Earth, and my body is a little high on acidity right now. I found that acidity with the strong stone fruit to be more than I prefer, so over the course of a few preparations I tried different combinations. My first thought was to balance it with something earthy and bitter (roasted dandelion), which had a minor effect but not enough. I avoided coffee because I didn't want to further increase the acidity. In a subsequent attempt I decided to complement the stone fruit by pairing it with dried sweetened tart cherries and cranberries, and that came together harmoniously and put a smile on my face. I also like it with hazelnuts or roasted almonds in addition to the dried fruit. All of my preparations use oat milk, maple syrup, cayenne, and pink salt (and a very light sprinkle of cinnamon if I'm in the mood). Due to my body chemistry this won't be a regular for me, but I really do enjoy it.

Warmth to the heart

This has been my third time enjoying heart ❤️ of the earth 🌎 It's delicious flavor has amazed my moon sisters circle, clients and family. I personally enjoy one to two cups a day and feel amazing, my blood sugar levels feel balanced and I find myself blissfully flowing through my day. Thanks again

Enjoying every sip

Gateway cacao powder has been used in shakes, smoothies, cacao cold brew and warm with a sprinkle of cinnamon in my home. So sad it will be discontinued but exciting for sampling other formulas. Thank you again for bringing tradicional ethically source cacao, made from healing hands.


This was smooth and grounding. The 17 women and myself really enjoyed this one.

Ceremonial cacao workshop

It’s been only one meeting so fare but I enjoyed it tremendously since we covered important topics. Looking forward to learning more


This cacao is truly a heart opener! I have had the honor to use in both ceremony space & in morning ritual for self. Highly recommend.


Rich and magical! The flavor is amazing and it’s a great boos of sweet energy 💕


Of all the flavors available from Soul Lift, this one is my favorite. I love it’s energy, very grounding, connected to mother earth. The flavor profile is velvety & chocolaty.

Love this cacao

Love everything about this variety. It has a lighter energetic feeling for me and it's an easy drink. I drink it every morning with a bit of cayenne, cinnamon and cardamom. Sometimes I add a fresh medicinal herb from my garden. I have tried all varieties from Soul Lift and enjoy every one of them.

Unique product

Their drinking chocolate is one of a kind! The quality of the cacao is truly exceptional. I love getting a drink to go or enjoying it at the cafe.

really nice

Nice and simple. I appreciate the humble, down to eart approach, experienced teacher and free spirit.
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