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Prepared with purpose, intention, and gratitude. Beautiful start to my day. Warm velvety taste; pure heaven.

Easy to Use

It comes in two slabs which makes it easy to break off as much cacao as one wishes to use. Much easier to use than a single block that has to be chipped away from. Very satisfying mixed with coffee as well.

definitely not for casual sipping.

I followed the instrucions I was given, wound up with a cup of foul tasting sludge. If you keep dilutign it until you can get it all down, which will take awhile, the theobromine buzz is palpable.

Ceremonial Cacao Drink
Rianne M Chittenden
No going back

The quality, sustainability and true fair trade that is way beyond industry standards is felt in SoulLifts ceremonial cacao. I have always had a deep love for chocolate and now that I have tasted SoulLifts cacao, I cannot go back to any other. The taste is divine and the feeling of lightness and joy that follows is so lovely.


I love this cacao very easy to shred with a cheese grater and easy to make beverages, I even put some in my coffee. Great quality.

Cacao explained very well.

This is a well prepared guidebook. It provides a solid foundation to understanding cacao and how to begin offering it to others.

Taste of the Highlands

The La Noche cacao paste is everything I hoped it would be. You can taste the complexity of the different natural flavors very clearly. I saw the video on your site with the young woman representative of the Utz K'aslemal Collective of Solola and was very impressed with the cultural and spiritual background she gave about cacao drinking. I add a small amount of cinnamon and just a tiny pinch of cayenne. It is sublime.

"Imperfect" Cacao
Melissa Jackson
Imperfectly perfect✨

Great price, same great quality!

Big Thumbs Up!

Springs is soft and soothing. A good solid cacoa from which to add you own particular magic or enjoy on its own. Really enjoyed this one!

Craving La Noche

La Noche snuck up on us. At first it was pretty good, then before I knew it I was craving more. It has a subtle flavor that increases with each sip to a crescendo of delight. I highly recommend taking it for a ride.

Soooo Goooood

El Cielo is like the sky, light and bright. It also has small puffs of cloud like particles that added to the feel and taste of it. We really enjoyed El Cielo and highly recommend it! Yummy!

Wow, It's a Keeper!

We love the Mitla! It's smooth, well balanced, and a beautiful ceremonial chocolate to drink. It's no surprise since it comes from a place of ancient ceremonies. Thank you for sourcing this one! Love it!! Highly recommend it!

"Imperfect" Cacao
Kayla Lopucki
Imperfect scared chai tea

I brought imperfect scared chai tea. It is sweet but not too sweet which I like it and would order another one! I have not try the original one but I’m sure they are good as well!

Love LavaLove

I switched to this cacao from another, very popular brand a few months ago. Hard to say why but the other cacao never sat right with me. LavaLove is delicious and sits just right. It's perfectly roasted and tastes great made with water or homemade almond milk. I do add cinnamon, cardamom and cayenne (from Burlap & Barrel so well sourced) to my daily cacao. Haven't tried it with other ingredients like rose or lotus but I'm sure they'd pair well. I also really appreciate the transparency regarding nutrient and heavy metal content.


I’m a big fan of Cacao from Guatemala and this one is no exception! Such sweet heart warming medicine ❤️ Lava Love and Ruk’u’x’ulew are my favorite and my first choice ALWAYS, so glad SoulLift cacao shares both of them!

Nothing Imperfect about this Cacao

I am so pleased with my purchase of “imperfect cacao”. The shape and color may have been a tad different, but the taste ann effect are absolutely perfect! My cacao ritual every morning is the most grounding and hard opening part of my day … my very favorite part of my day!


This is the best cacao I’ve had - it has a smooth finish and makes me feel light and happy. It’s surprisingly sweeter than most and I highly recommended it!!


I absolutely LOVED my free little logo sticker! Just by looking at the logo you can tell it's an organic non processed type of company

Nothing but delicious

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to enjoy the " imperfect" cacao at a discounted price.

Rich Flavor

The intensity of this cacao flavor is definitely grounding.

Delicious Pick Me UP

Having sworn off caffeine from drinking coffee for a few decades, this cacao mix is a wonderful treat. I add it to some of my ceremonial cacao for an extra delicious drink. Deep breaths and slow sips are key!!

The more I drink it, the more I like it!

This is definitely a darker, dryer cacao with slightly more bitter notes than other varieties. I get hints of peanut butter on the nose. I find it very grounding and settling, comforting. At first I wasn't a fan of the bitterness, but the more I drink it, the more I am enjoying it's flavor profile

So Delicious & Made with Love!

This is one my favorite cacao varieties from Soul Lift Cacao. It has a chocolatey flavor and is so calming and warming. As someone who is sensitive to caffeine, I like how it has minimal caffeine as well. You can tell this cacao is made with intention and love.

Love it so much can't try other kinds!

This paste doesn't need sweetener! I put a tiny bit of high grade dark agave and it's perfect. This is the second batch I've gotten and it is so good I can't bring myself to try any of the others. Maybe some day. . . .

One of my favorite

I love the smell, the taste, and the feeling. One of my favorite.

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