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REAL Cacao, mixed with SOUL !

Amazing. This is what you're looking for. Simple.

Really nice.

I ordered the variety pack and this is the first of the five that I have tried. It is really smooth and enjoyable and I didn't sweeten it much as I'm on a keto diet. It was calming and left me feeling very grounded. I'm looking forward to trying different recipes... I would purchase this again.


Great flavor, great spirit!
Loved the tones and the clarity that came with it.
Allowed me to be receptive and creative.


Just starting my journey but very happy with product and shipping!


I already love chai; this Sacred Chai is an absolutely beautiful chai. A really wonderful pairing of dark & chai. Enjoy!!

"Imperfect" Cacao
Mardi Palan
So much love

You are perfect to me cacao. Great service as well! We got a smoothie when we picked it up. Yum!

Amazing Stuff

Incredible, heart-opening, grounding cacao. Some of the best I've had.

Smooth and Groovy

Our family loves a good cacao. This one is a treat. We all love the rich and smooth flavors and lovely mellow feelings. Would definitely recommend and will purchase it again. (We bought all 5 cacao options and are exciting to try and compare them all.)

Okay... this is a revised review!

I tried this again today and for some reason I think my taste buds were majorly off about it in my first impression. It's actually DELICIOUS. I think it tasted off the first time because I had some tahini before I drank it. I feel so bad for my first review! Please disregard it. And I HIGHLY recommend this beautiful ceremonial cacao, too! Thank you for bringing us this medicine. 🙏

The Best Rich Flavour

When I think of cacao I always remember my good friend Luki who introduced me to this incredible powerful cacao. I enjoy this over coffee everyday. My heart fills with Love and I share the magic with everyone I know. Starting my ceremonies with community this month. Thank you Soul Lift.

So delicious and hydrating!

Refreshing drink served cold, totally delicious. The unique flavor is like coconut water, grapefruit, and tamarind all in one.

High quality ceremonial cacao but...

I really don't like the flavor, unfortunately! We always drink the HEART OF THE EARTH (RUK'U'X ULEW) (which we LOVE) but this kind had a different flavor all together. I'm bummed but will drink it because the cacao benefits are out of this world and it's such a sacred part of my day! My partner didn't love this one either. Everyone's different, though!

Super impressed

So smooth rich and full of flavor. It fully supported my prayers and intentions. It's the best ceremonial cacao I have tried so far. Loved it!

Great flavor! Full of flavor and not too sweet. Love the gentle zing from the cacao nibs.

Love the spicy version

I loved the cayenne added to the cup of cacao in the Ritual product. It really opens the cacao and creates so much flavor.

Ceremonial Cacao Drink
Anthony Albert
Smell that heightens your senses

Great people and great drinks.

If you have a chance to stop by and grab a drink I think it's a win! I was out doing a tour of Portland for some visiting family and noticed the signs. We were delighted to get a cool drink on a hot day. The people are nice and friendly, a great place to retreat and relax.

On a side note, it was one of Portland's over 90 degree days. The owner placed an ice cooler of water bottles in the outdoor seating area labeled for those in need. With empathy and compassion like this I have to support his business.

Please support local businesses doing good things!

I love it

I love this One specially Ive been using cacao for my personal journey and now serving in circles- ceremony. The spirit of cacao opening and activating heart voices.

Chai chocolate drink

I loved the spices of the chai chocolate drink. Thoughtful service and great selection of quality chocolate.

Incredible quality

This cacao is such a potent, powerful medicine. I grew up drinking cacao every single day from a family farm in the Philippines. I began working with it in ceremony back in 2017. Because of recent worldly events, I’ve been unable to source the cacao. I was excited to find out about Soul Lift Cacao and the store from here in Portland, OR. Upon the first few sips, I could already feel the quality and purity of this cacao. I’ve been able to try a few different batches and my favorite is the “Lavalove.” I am excited to share this medicine with my community and family!


Activation of my heart & womb which led me and my boyfriend into beautiful ecstatic dance and deep connection. Strong and rich flavor that drops you into pure connection with Mother Earth and the energy of the beautiful women who have cultivated this. Thank you!


Great taste. Very smooth. Would recommend

Heart Of The Earth Cup

while connecting with this plant medicine, I invisioned all the women who surrounded it to peel, roast, grind the cacao beans all while singing & praying. The cup tastes of community, devotion, rich aroma of joy & love for the artisanal work of this rich cup of ancestry wisdom.