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Love Love

Very heart opening and uplifting vibration.

Ceremonial cacao paste

The cacao was lovely. It brought such a loving energy to our ceremony.


So good especially on a cold winter holiday day. Rich, sweet but not too sweet and perfect.


I’ve been working with cacao for about a year and this is by far the most unique, fragrant cacao I’ve had. I get notes of tobacco, wood, and of soil. Drinking it is like receiving a warm hug from Mother Earth.

Delicious and dear

I thoroughly enjoy the creative options on the menu and revere the quality of the cocoa. I found what I like and continue to order it. It is expensive, and without a "vaccine" I could not sit inside. Being uninvited to a cafe is nearly un-heard-of for Portland. Now that I understand how the product is made, it is unlikely I would return.

So glad I found you. Been looking for the paste quite some time.

Fantastic quality. Rich - creamy

Amazing high quality

Delicious cacao. 🌈☀️ Feels amazing and tastes amazing

Better with Every Bite

Where do I begin…

I’m a yoga teacher and sound bath practitioner. I was looking for something to add to the toolkit because, as Nick also says, each person needs a different medicine and I thought it would be lovely if I had something else in the bag to offer. Here is how it’s going:

The first sip… “Okay, why is he speaking so slowly?…Weeeell…Why exactly do I need a faster delivery? Where do I need to be anyway? What would be the point of speeding up intake? Ah, the judge is here. Salty. Let’s take a seat, shall we?” Already a lesson within the lesson.

Second sip… “Oh, that’s rich! Complex, yet simple and refined.” Nick addresses his vagueness. It’s intentional. He offers the science and history very concisely and thoroughly. Bites just big enough for you to chew on and respond to in a slow, meaningful way so you actually synthesize the experience and information.

Third sip… “Aw, THIS is the good s$@$% (stuff)! I think Nick might BE the cacao. Lol. Incidentally, the answer to why he speaks at the speed he does is in the third sip/module. And it makes complete sense. This is what it feels like to be aware of someone holding space for you while showing you how to hold space. The magic is unfolding with each taste.

That is pretty much the basic representation of how the modules are progressing for me. I’ve just finished the videos for the third module. Each one has hit different parts of me a lot like taste hits the different parts of the tongue—sometimes bitter, sometimes meaty/umami, sometimes sweet, etc., but like a good cacao, the quality, complexity and clarity come through. The information is comprehensive and “full,” but never overwhelming. They're explored more deeply and intimately through the exercises assigned after each module. I think of it as "therapeutic discomfort" (also addressed in a module). You know how it is, the way a long held yin yoga pose feels-- a little painful from atrophy and in need of attention or like discovering a muscle you forgot you even had. Still sitting with the memory of the first three modules, but very much looking forward to the next sip when the fourth is unlocked. Cheers!

How I start my day

I start my day with the ritual of a hot cup of Heart of the Earth instead of coffee. I am so grateful to have Soul Lift Cacao to supply this scared medicine

Cacao Newby

This is my first experience with cacao. I took the time to do some research and without a doubt Soul Lift Cacao is a company that I wanted to support. I am working on perfecting my morning coffee and so far am loving it. I look forward to learning more and trying other flavors.


I had never tried this type of chocolate drink before, but it was recommended by my daughter. I love cinnamon, and I love snickerdoodle cookies. This drink was super good! I added a little vanilla almond creamer to it, and it made a nice, and creamy warm drink! Perfect for cold weather!


Really love this! So warming on these cold winter days!

Heart warming

A very smooth cacao. ❤️


Love this product. Amazing effects and what a great substitute to coffee. Connecting with the spirit of the cacao and supporting amazing people.


I’ve tried different ceremonial cacaos before and in my opinion this is by far my favorite one! Within the first sip my heart chakra bursted open with so much love and happiness flowing throughout my body. I’m thankful and appreciative to those who took the time and effort to make this beautiful ceremonial drink. Blessings to you all <3

This will ruin other chocolate for you. It's that good.

This is a must buy. If you're already here, let me solve your problem. Just buy it.


This is my first time trying ceremonial cacao and I am so glad that I did. My go to is usually anything dark chocolate. I crave it intensely. I read about the health benefits of drinking this and considering my health issues, went ahead and gave it a shot. The aroma and flavor is soothing to the soul! I have never experienced this before. It is high quality and easy to use. I will be a repeat customer without a doubt!

Unconditional love

this cacao’s taste is so amazing and has me loving on a deeper more connected level. my heart is open and my mind is clear ❤️

This has my heart

I loooved this one especially!! My experience was tears of joy while drinking my cacao. My heart felt so expanded and in love.

Full of love

Amazing, assists in connecting to my heart center.

This cacao is truly divine so smooth with a great flavour profile. !!!

Incredible Sourcing + Sustainability

I love this company because they have all facets of their product and business operating in such a synergistic way for all including Mother Earth. Verified Reviews Badge
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