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really nice

Nice and simple. I appreciate the humble, down to eart approach, experienced teacher and free spirit.
Thank You for sharing it!

Absolutely love it

The guide is as awesome!! I can not wait to have a ceremony with the cacao.

Delicious cacao

By far the best cacao I have ever had!

Very helpful

Unfortunately the post office didn't actually deliver my first order but omce i contacted the seller, they immediately sent me another one free of charge. Thank goodness I got the second one in time too because I was moving away from the address permanently but it got there very quickly the second time around. It was melted because the post office just puts it in your mailbox, but I mean it's chocolate, I just refrigerated it for a little while and it was easy enough to pull out of the pouch.

Heart of the Earth

This is my 3rd order. The product quality and the whole mission of this company will keep me coming back.

Best I’ve ever tried

I have always struggled with bitter foods and not been a fan of cacao- however this one really IS the most palliative one I’ve ever tried - it must be the good energy of the women’s touch it has passed through!

Excellent cacao

We prefer this type of cacao for making beverages and cookies at home. High vibe cacao made by women in a sustainable manner!


creamy and tasty! Beauitful bitter raw taste, just the way I like. Delighted

Interesting + Helpful!

Thanks so much for this convenient way to learn more about ceremonial cacao.
I appreciate Soul Life's efforts here. They show sincere respect for the culture and people with whom they work as well as the history of cacao as used in ceremony.
Well done!

Ceremonial Cacao Drink
Rachel Dragon
Amazing Cacao

So happy I found your shop in Portland when I was passing through! I'm enjoying the cacao in my morning coffee as we speak. :)

Excellent, high quality ceremonial cacao

I've tried multiple ceremonial cacao's and am so glad I came across Soul Lift. The flavor, the effect and the experience are all superior to other ones I've tried. And purchasing from Soul Lift allows one to give back to the indigenous communities where the products are made. Don't hesitate to purchase!


This is so delicious and smooth! Will definitely be purchasing again. :)

Tasty & yummy

Delicious hot drink on a cool rainy day. Loved this store. Impressive!

My favorite

I love this brand. I love the taste and quality of the cacao ❤️ I’ve tried quite a few other brands before and none ever as great as this one. The customer service, the energy of the cacao, the pricing. Amazing!!

Excellent taste

This cacao is delicious.

Just wow.

I didn't know what to expect from ceremonial grade cacao, but I did my first cacao meditation/journey by myself, and not only was it absolutely delicious, but WOW did my heart center burst open. I wasn't even entirely sure about energy centers being legit until this journey. So grateful I found this company with delicious and consciously sourced cacao with an amazing mission. Incredible product. I will definitely recommend this to others and be back for more.

Oh my gosh

This butter is delicious. Just got it 13 days ago and have already ordered more. (Bigger jar this time.)
Having to save the little I have left for one more day. Love finding the raisins. I am glad I found this stuff and have already bought some for a friend.

Love it

I love Gateway blended into my decaf coffee in the morning. Tastes great and I love The antioxidant boost.

amazing product, maybe cut the servings

I want to start off by saying thank you to the Mayan indeginious people for this gift. I started with the recommended 1/4 cup & I think it was too much for a first timer. I enjoyed the process & taste, but I got sick from it. I don't blame the product as everyone is different and I also read this is a side affect from the liver cleansing. Cacao is a heart opener and I definitely felt that. I cut the dose in half and almost got sick but I didn't. I will take it easy and enjoy in small doses to build my tolerance! I appreciate the eco friendly packaging.

Love this Cacao

The flavor, the texture, it’s so smooth :)

Chocolatey Goodness

I have tried many of the different cacao flavors from Soul Lift. In comparison to the others, this one tastes the most "traditionally" chocolate, like a regular cup of hot chocolate. It does have a slight malty or caramel note as stated in the description, nothing overwhelming. I enjoyed it.

Cacao, meditation & new friends!

I really enjoyed the cacao circle that Nick guided. I will be back for future circles for sure! It is a really nice way to slow down and savor the cacao while being intentional about why you are consuming it. I also enjoyed being in quiet community with the other people there and participating in the meditative vocalization practice (humming).


I have been fortunate to experience both private and public cacao gatherings with Soul Lift, and every gathering I feel my walls come down. Both Nick and Sandee facilitated such welcoming and intimate gatherings, where they personally visited the communities that prepared the cacao I consumed, as well as visited the cacao plants themselves. I can honestly share that there's no other café quite like Soul Lift. It has a way of attracting new experiences, new friends, and new daily rituals.


Really enjoy the taste and smooth elevated energy this Cacao paste gives me! Honored to partake in this sacred tradition

Great Offering

The nutty taste is prominent in my batch and very welcomed by my palate. This may be my primary selection going forward. Like the other offerings, I find they have a distinct effect of lightening my heart and helping me to enter a more sensitive state. I make mine with 6oz oat milk, a dash of cayenne, maple syrup, and some prayers. For anyone wondering the difference between this and store bought hot chocolate, I encourage you to try it, and consider not just the surface flavors, but also the effects on your mind and body. Verified Reviews Badge
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