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The taste profile is not as satisfying as the other type on this website

It definitely tastes to me as it is described in the description box! It’s a mixture of coffee and chocolate taste and definitely earthy (muddy)! Lol Smells like chocolate though. I will find different ways to prepare this to enhance the taste profile. I have made it twice and I have seen small lumps not melting completely with rigorous stirring or blending in room temperature water. I have not yet tried blending it after adding it to hot water or non-dairy milk. I suspect that it will blend smoothly in hot liquid.

It arrived well packaged and in good condition:)
I just am not a fan of the taste profile.

Thanks for your review! We definitely recommend blending the cacao into hot (steaming but not boiling) water or non-dairy milk, since that emulsifies the cacao butter and makes the drink much richer and frothier. Cacao's melts above 86 degrees F. But stirring alone won't emulsify the cacao butter.

And yes it's true that each cacao has slight variations in flavor, texture, aroma, and sensation. There's one for everyone. Happy hunting :)

Best Cacao

Hands down the best cacao you can get online I have purchased this variety multiple times! Love it! Nothing compares!

It’s okay

It blends easily with hot water and a fork, which regular dark cocoa powder doesn’t. However, it tastes the same as dark cocoa so I don’t notice any difference in the flavor. I also have tried drinking it ceremonially - mindfully and with intention and have not experienced that “heart opening” that people talk about. If it really has health benefits that other chocolate doesn’t, then it is worth it. However, I feel that it is expensive. Overall, I would give it 3-4 stars out of 5.


I love the cacao I ordered. You can tell it was tended to with much love and care.

Another perfect cacao!

The product arrived quickly and is the same amazing quality as the other products I’ve received from this company. Highly recommend!

Nana Marina's Tz'utujil Ceremonial Cacao Paste - 1lb Block


Grown near the Pacific Coast and prepared by Nana Marina and the Cruz family at Lake Atitlán, this rare cacao (pronounced “Tsoo-too-heel”) has a flavor profile that is clear, smokey, and earthy, with notes of coffee. The Cruz family prepares it in the ancestral tradition before weaving it into their ceremonies today. *Our labels and branding are approved by the producers, and we have their consent to share the cacao for the betterment of humanity.*

Cacao has been celebrated as “Food of the Gods” in Central and South America since ancient times, long before the chocolate industry altered the original treasure.

Soul Lift Cacao is proud to help the re-emergence of pure ceremonial cacao by working directly with the people preserving traditions.

To make a drink of luscious ceremonial cacao, finely chop the cacao. Combine with hot water (8 oz per serving). Melt cacao using a blender (with caution!), milk frother, or just a spoon. Optional: Add a dash of cayenne pepper and natural sweetener to taste.

Cacao paste can also be added to smoothies, oatmeal, ice cream, and other foods. Experiment with making your own chocolates or bliss balls!

16oz (454g)


Product of Guatemala

Ingredients: Pure cacao paste (Theobroma cacao)

Storage info: Keep in a cool, dry, dark place. Refrigeration not required.

Allergen info: Packed in a facility that also handles dairy, eggs, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish.

*NOTE: Packaging may differ slightly from the photos here.

*Some melting of cacao paste may occur during shipping. This isn’t a problem in terms of the quality of the cacao, but it could affect the shape.

*Color and pattern variation is natural for pure cacao. Smooth white areas are most likely the natural cacao butter. Reach out if you have any questions.

*Please allow up to 7 business days from the time you place your order until you need your cacao to arrive. Thanks for understanding that we cannot process expedited orders at this time.