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Estamos absolutamente seguros de que el sabor y la energía de nuestro cacao artesanal preparado por colectivos en América Latina superarán sus necesidades, ya sea para uso meditativo, una alternativa al café o un estimulante por la tarde.

Consulte estas reseñas de nuestros clientes. Y luego visita nuestro Tienda online !

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So much info

There is so much cool info in this intro course that I’m curious to learn what else we could learn! The cacao is also delicious!

We're glad you loved the course and the cacao!

Copal Incense
Elizabeth Caldwell
Does not smell like Copal

Love Copal. This smells/burns clean- but smells like Nag Champa: will not purchase again

Hi Elizabeth, we're sorry to hear that you didn't like the copal incense sticks! We've tried many copal stick sources and love these. But we hear that it wasn't your experience. Please write to us on the Contact page if you're not happy with your order, so that we can help you find a solution. We're a very small, independent business, but always do what's possible to make customers happy when they come to us directly.

Did not receive

Paid for this but it did not come with the rest of the order- or later

Hi Elizabeth, we're sorry to hear that you didn't find the PDF download. It comes in it's own email generated on our website back end. It might have gone to your spam folder. We'll email you the PDF manually. Please write to us on the Contact page if you ever have an issue, so that we can help you find a solution. We're a very small, independent business, but always do what's possible to make customers happy when they come to us directly.

Copal Incense
Amber E
Copal Incense Sticks

I am VERY picky about the copal incense that I use, particularly during ceremonies, cleansings, and past life regression work. But this has quickly become one of my favorites. I will definitely be ordering more!

La Noche❣️

I've tried quite a few different cacaos and by far I am most enamored with La Noche! Dark and mysterious and full of so much heart warming love. Thank you so much for this offering. It is indeed truly magical✨

Perfect addition

This course was perfect. I have multiple modality trainings (yoga, reiki, hypnotherapy etc) and love blending in new ones! I am super excited to add cacao to my ceremonies and events. This was a great course for facilitators that already know how to hold space. If I was new to holding space, I would take the 10 week course, because this isn't enough for a first timer....but it's perfect for a practicing practitioner/healer/therapist etc.

Well Done

I really appreciated how well put together this course is. I found everything to be really informative and easy to understand. I was very interested in learning about the process of cacao from pod to cup and I really wanted to understand a little of the history of cacao, as well as the proper way to mindfully prepare it. This course did not disappoint and I’m grateful for all the topics that were covered as well as the mission behind the company.


I really appreciate how consciously this cacao was grown, harvested, and prepared before I even received it. It tastes lovely and I’ve already used it in multiple ceremonies.

Rich Flavor

A wonderful ceremonial cacao that has quickly become my favorite!
A rich and berry flavor, this grandmother cacao spirit is perfect for opening the heart!

Easy Flavor

The flavor of this cacao is great for any individual, especially if you’re just stepping into trying ceremonial cacao!


This is my favorite go-ceremonial cacao. Incredible quality, flavor, and texture.


Love it, tastes amazing, so much better than the garbage you can find in stores. Yes you can find other 100% product in other places, but this product is great. I enjoy the warm beverage every night. Definitely will recommend to other friends as it tastes great. Is it worth the price I dont know for sure but the product is great and I hope it supports a small business.

high quality, good tasting

Yum! It feels very grounding to me to drink it. I can tell it's high quality.

Mint Condition

Super yum! Mellow Mint matches the mood I always want to be in. It is dreamy, calming, and has been the perfect soothing sip during this winters hibernation. ♥ Trying the other flavors now...

Gift recipient loved it

Given as a gift, was told it was very beautiful and they loved it

Great product

I ordered a sample to try online and it was an easy process to order and great product with great taste.

Informative, culturally respectful and interesting

Thanks Nick!

Not something I preferred

It wasn’t something I preferred, it had an interesting paper-like aftertaste? I’m not sure if that’s the buttery/savory notes that it mentioned.

Hi Adriana, sorry to hear that Mitla didn't work for you. We haven't experienced those flavors in it, but it can happen sometimes with shorter ferment cacao. Mitla is a 50/50 blend of unfermented and 5-day-fermented cacao seeds. For a more 'bright' profile with slight fruity notes, you could try Heart of the Earth cacao or one of our other long-ferment varieties.

Love this product!

I have a Friday night ritual after work that includes burning sage and palo santo, listening to healing frequencies, pulling some cards from one of my decks and of course Soul Lift Cacao. I love this cacao. It's delicious. High quality. And it opens my heart. It's provides the perfect end to my week and I always look forward to it.

Clay Mug
Dante Cortez
Where is it I have not received it

It’s payed for and not received.

Hi Dante, we're so sorry your package was returned to sender. We don't know why. It's rare that it happens and your address was a match to the USPS system. So we have issued a full refund. In the future you could try our UPS shipping option or ship to a different address. Take care!

Amazing Training

I’m 4 weeks into this training, and so far it’s been a wonderful experience. I have always had an interest in facilitating cacao ceremonies but wasn’t sure where to start. The information shared in this course is absolutely fantastic. Soul Lift Cacao is also a beautiful brand, offering the best quality ceremonial cacao I’ve ever had. I highly recommend.

Beautiful Flavor

I believe this to be my favorite so far. It's beautiful, rich and very grounding. I used it at one of my recent Cacao Ceremonies and Sound Baths and everyone wanted a 2nd serving. It was a huge hit. I am happy to have another flavor to share with others. Thank you for having so much variety. I'll be buying more of this as well as others.

So good:)

This is my favorite drink. It's so yummy and satisfying!!!


I love the flavor of the Snickerdoodle. It is a treat and I enjoy sipping on it!

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