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An essential and important resource for cacao lovers and sharers

The Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cacao Handbook is serving as an incredibly important resource for me as I continue to share cacao with my community. It is providing me with a solid foundation on the history of cacao and how to honor and avoid appropriating the sacred plant medicine.

Awesome guide book

if you are going to d ceremony, you need this!

Soul Lift Cacao Facilitation Guidebook

This 18-page PDF contains all you ever wanted to know about ceremonial cacao! Revised and updated edition released September 2019.

Soul Lift Cacao founder Nick Meador has traveled all over Central America visiting cacao farms and experts to learn as much as possible about this magical plant.

Now he's sharing the information in one convenient download.


  • Cacao Glossary

  • Necessary Equipment, Drink Preparation & Serving Tips

  • Cacao Treats & Other Foods

  • How to Introduce Cacao (Superfood & Plant Medicine Aspects)

  • Important Precautions/Contraindications

  • A Simple Cacao Ritual

  • Cacao Ethics (Alleviating Concerns about Cultural Appropriation & Cacao)

(NOTE: This guidebook comes included in our Online Cacao Training webinars. Visit the Events page to see when the next one is taking place. Or click the button below to buy the Guidebook by itself.)

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