Cacao Shipping Options

Cacao Shipping Options


Our standard shipping is with USPS Priority Mail, which only takes 2-3 days to arrive anywhere in the United States. That’s after processing time of 1-3 days, so please allow a full week between when you order and when you need the cacao to be in your hands! (International shipping info below.) 

NEW: We now offer UPS Ground shipping in the U.S., which takes 2-5 days (after processing time) and can offer extra security. Shipping options are displayed at checkout based on the weight of your order.


    If you are in Portland, Oregon, USA, you can take advantage of the free pickup we offer at our new cacao cafe!

    To order online and pick up in person, look for the Delivery Method section on the checkout page.

    If you order during our business hours , it will usually be ready within an hour.

    You'll get an email confirmation when your order is ready for pickup. Then you'll have a 3-day window to pick up your order before we have to refund the order (at which point there would be a $2 re-stocking fee).  


    All packages are fully insured for the order value case of loss or damage during shipping, so you can purchase with confidence. We include instructions for what to do about damages on the packing slip. Basically, send us photos by email and hold onto everything until we provide further instructions.

    If a month passes and you have no received your package, Contact Us and we can submit a claim for loss.


    • We are not responsible for mistakes in the shipping address submitted with orders. If a package gets returned to us, you’ll have the option to pay for shipping a second time.
    • We are also not responsible for any duties or taxes incurred for shipping items to your destination country (if you're outside the U.S.) Please research that before ordering so you can be prepared.
    • Melting due to high heat might not be covered by insurance. Check upcoming weather in both Portland, Oregon (where we are), and your location before ordering. If either one is over 90 degrees F, then there's a decent chance that some melting might occur. We do what we can to insulate your product using shredded paper and, in some cases, ice packs. We also put a sticker on packages asking postal workers to keep the package out of high heat and direct sunlight. Melting doesn't actually harm the cacao. It just might make it more difficult to get the cacao out of the package. If you're concerned about melting, we recommend buying blocks of cacao (which don't melt as easily) or a single serving of drinking chocolate (which can easily be broken up to make a drink) – NOT larger bags of ground cacao or drinking chocolate.

    The checkout page will automatically display your shipping package options based on the weight of your order.

    In a SMALL PACKAGE you can ship:

    • 0.5 to 4 lbs of ceremonial cacao paste blocks in the U.S. (or 1-3 lbs to any other country outside the U.S.)

    • 1-3 lbs of pre-ground ceremonial cacao paste (U.S. or international)
    • 1-3 14oz bags of Drinking Chocolate

    • 1 28oz bag of Drinking Chocolate
    • Up to four Single Serving 5-Packs (equalling 20 single servings)

    NOTE: "Small package" might be a cardboard box, paperboard envelope, or plastic padded envelope, depending on the size of the product(s) you order.

      In a MEDIUM BOX you can ship: 

      • 0.5-8 lbs of cacao paste blocks or 1-6 lbs of ground cacao

      • Up to 2lbs of cacao paste blocks + 1 large (16oz) jar of Survival Butter

      • Up to 2lbs of cacao paste blocks + 2 small jars (either of Survival Butter or Drinking Chocolate)

      • 2 large jars of Survival Butter alone

      • 4 small jars of Survival Butter and/or Drinking Chocolate alone

      In a LARGE BOX you can ship:

      • 9-18 lbs of cacao paste blocks or 7-12 lbs of ground cacao

      • Up to 4lbs of cacao paste blocks + 2 large jars of Survival Butter

      • Up to 4lbs of cacao paste blocks + 3 small jars of Survival Butter or Drinking Chocolate

      • 4 large jars of Survival Butter alone

      • 6 small jars of Survival Butter and/or Drinking Chocolate alone


      We do ship internationally at extra cost. This is automated in our online shop when you enter your destination country at checkout.

      NOTE: USPS has suspended mail service to certain countries due to the global pandemic. Please check this page to see if your destination country is on the list. We apologize for any inconvenience.

      International priority mail usually takes 6-10 days after the 2-3 days of processing time. There may be additional delays to due global events beyond our control.

      Also please note that the “tracking number” provided by USPS does not always give progress updates for international shipments, other than to say if it has shipped and arrived. And even that information has sometimes been lacking during the pandemic.

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