Guatemalan Cacao Tours

Guatemalan Cacao Tours

Join Soul Lift Cacao founder Nick Meador on an adventure through Guatemala to visit cacao farms and collectives who make some of the world’s best ceremonial cacao.

Seeing all the stages from tree to cup at the origin is the best way to truly appreciate this superfood and plant ally, and to grasp the difference when cacao is prepared at the source using ancient indigenous methods.

This is also an opportunity to meet and thank the people who work hard to make the cacao that you love, and to learn more about Mayan culture first-hand.

Nick has made extensive trips through Guatemala over the last seven years. He curates these journeys to be both educational and transformative, with the help of local guides, farmers, and artisans. 

On the trip it will become clear how the true ceremonial cacao is not just a movement for spiritual self-development, but also a movement for ethical international trade and environmental sustainability.

Whether you come more for personal enrichment or to support your cacao facilitation practice, you'll leave with much more confidence in how to be ethical and respectful when enjoying cacao.

Woven into the texture of the tour will be Nick’s guidance on how to travel responsibly, so that we can have a positive impact in the places we visit.


Nov 12-18, 2023 - Western Guatemala/Lake Atitlan - now accepting applications!

Feb 2024 - Eastern Guatemala/Alta Verapaz - Dates to be confirmed

Mar 2024 - Western Guatemala/Lake Atitlan - Dates to be confirmed


  • Tours of two sustainable cacao farms
  • Visits with the Mayan collectives and artisans who make Heart of the Earth (Ruk’u’x Ulew), Lavalove, Springs, Mama Amor, and other varieties of ceremonial cacao
  • At least two ceremonies with cacao, led by Mayan guides
  • A modern cacao circle with Nick to help process anything that comes up, and to demonstrate ethical, respectful way of working with cacao in modern contexts
  • Eight (8) nights lodging (private & shared options)
  • All ground transportation starting and ending in Guatemala City
    • Options available for those who need to start or end in Antigua or Lake Atitlán
  • Most meals from breakfast on the first day to lunch on the last day
    • Vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free options
    • More details provided to approved applicants


"This tour was a very memorable experience for me. It was diverse, showing the popular but also the less traveled, rural areas of Guatemala. We were taken to cacao farms and the collectives that work with cacao. Their stories were so inspiring. I learned so much not just about how cacao is grown and prepared, but its importance in the ecosystem and its spiritual and healing power. The people that we visited were so welcoming and loving. They prepared meals for us that were delicious and nutritious, made with love. Our visit to the Heart of the Earth cacao collective was unforgettable. Cecilia’s words were very meaningful for me. I will never forget this amazing trip!" - Zsuzsanna Mangu, ReTreat PDX - March 2022 tour


"Wow! What an incredible, unique experience! Everything about this tour, from start to finish was mindfully hand picked for a well rounded experience. You will not be able to find this type of trip anywhere else. Every collective we visited had something different to share. It was such a gift to learn about this sacred, ancient medicine and to witness it's full life from seed to cup, first hand. Every tour, every experience was facilitated by the warmest, most genuine people who wanted nothing more than to welcome us into their homes and their lives and spread the word about who they are and what cacao represents. We learned so much more than how to make cacao. We witnessed a gentle, kind group of people and we experienced their lives first hand. Nick does an incredible job of curating this experience and managing all facets of the trip, I felt like I had nothing to worry about. You arrive wanting to learn about cacao, you leave with an open heart full of gratitude and a new perspective on your life and others."- Laurel Ziemienski, Ananda Healing Arts - Dec 2022 tour


"This cacao tour was more than I could have imagined. I signed up with the intention of wanting to learn more about cacao, and I feel like I walked away with so much more. This thoughtfully curated tour was a journey not only into the depths of the lands that grow cacao, but a journey into the hands and hearts that continue to courageously protect Mayan Indigenous wisdom and traditions. I was transformed by the gracious opportunities to sit in ceremony with these wisdom keepers and also by witnessing the labor of love each bar of ceremonial cacao offered really is. Grateful to the Soul Lift Cacao team for sharing such a beautiful experience with the world. Please do not miss out on this transformative tour!" - Toni Kim, Holistic & Integrative Psychotherapist - Dec 2022 tour


"This was absolutely a life-changing trip! I jumped on Nick's tour without knowing much about him or Soul Lift Cacao and I don't have any regrets! I found his information after a night of Google searching for the perfect cacao tour and decided to go with his tour after seeing he was working with some of the people I already followed on Instagram like Lavalove etc.  I really liked how he takes you through every step of the process in working with cacao from meeting producers, growers, roasters, Mayan elders, and so much more. I chose his trip because he actively spoke about honoring where your cacao comes from and after his experience I have gained so much knowledge, respect, and appreciation for this sacred tree and the people that preserve her! Thank you Nick" - Alessandra Motola, Travel Agent - March 2023 tour


Shared Lodging - $1,700 USD per person

Private Couple  - $1,850 USD per person

Private Individual - $2,000 USD per person

• Payment can be all at once, or you can save your spot with a $600 deposit.

• Payments by credit/debit card, Venmo, or Paypal are subject to a 2.9% service fee. Options to avoid the fee include paying by Zelle or wire transfer.

• Scroll down for a lodging preview


To maximize the synergy of the group, we are having potential participants fill out an application. The specific trip itinerary and other details will be shared with those who are approved. All potential participants must fill out the application separately – including both people in a couple.


Photos from a previous cacao tour:

LODGING PREVIEW (full lodging details provided to approved applicants):
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Nick spent years traveling throughout Central America connecting with cacao farms, collectives, and experts. He founded Soul Lift Cacao to create a positive impact in the world by helping Mayan collectives share their cacao in the U.S. and beyond.

On top of that, Nick has been on a path of facilitation, leadership, and self-development for about a decade. He has trained in various traditions, schools, and lineages for healing and self-development, and looks for the parallels that tie them together. 

Nick created the Soul Lift Cacao Method to provide an ethical and responsible way to share ceremonial cacao in modern settings, and to create safe containers for transformational journeys. He has been training people to share cacao on their own since 2017. 


Cacao is the natural, unprocessed form of chocolate grown in tropical regions around the world. Most people know cacao as a superfood. It has possibly the highest amount of antioxidants of any food. Cacao contains beneficial minerals like iron and magnesium. And the main active compound, theobromine, gives a boost of energy without the crash or cravings that can happen with coffee.

Yet cacao also has another aspect not spoken about in health food stores. Legends tell of ancient Mesoamerican civilizations using cacao for introspective and celebratory purposes, calling it the “Food of the Gods” and even trading it like currency. This more mysterious "plant medicine" side of cacao offers the potential to put you more in touch with your body and your soul. You can gain insights into the best direction moving forward, as well as the focus and motivation to take action towards those goals.



Nick Meador is of mixed European heritage and not of Guatemalan or Mayan descent. So he puts a lot of effort into making sure his work is ethical and responsible. Nick works in close partnership with Mayan teachers and cacao workers in an ongoing effort to bridge cacao into the modern world. It's all based on direct, consensual relationship, and an attitude of curiosity about this special plant that has changed Nick's life so profoundly, particularly on his path of healing from chronic illness. As an American who started traveling to Guatemala in 1996, and who has a deep background in facilitation, Nick is in a fitting position to lead this tour for Americans and people from other Western countries. The intention is to bring positive impact for both visitors and our Guatemalan hosts, while minimizing or eliminating potential harm. Feel free to write to with any questions.

*Note: Specific lodging and activity details are subject to change due to factors out of our control. We are doing our best to represent the essence of the tour and what it will involve. We will update the group of any alterations to the plan.

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