Find a Cacao Facilitator

Find a Cacao Facilitator

We are building a directory of certified cacao facilitators who have completed our 10-week training course.

These practitioners have demonstrated a thorough understanding and competence in creating ethical, consent-based, and trauma-informed containers for modern transformational experiences with cacao.

Dozens of people have taken our 10-week course in either the live or self-guided format. But our Practitioner Program (where certificate holders get a listing here plus other support) is still very new.

So check back regularly to see facilitators who are hosting cacao experiences online and/or in-person.


Andrea (she/her) is a producer and photo editor by trade who began working with cacao two years ago, during an accelerated immersion into what is a lifelong healing journey. She found that the subtle healing energy of cacao prompted her to offer this medicine through contemporary ritual, and now uses cacao to help gently guide others onto their own unique paths of healing. Completing training and certification as a Cacao-Powered Facilitator taught Andrea to safely guide transformational experiences in an ethical and responsible way, through her neurodivergent and trauma-informed lens. She has traveled to Guatemala visiting several farms and collectives to learn more about the history and art of cacao, while participating in traditional Mayan ceremonies, which expanded her relationship and respect to the land, people, and culture that bring us this sacred plant medicine. Cacao allows Andrea to move from living in a rapid fire, external deadline driven, high stress, and disconnected work environment and career, to one that is slower, introspective, intentional, and based on the power of connection. Connection to ourselves, connection to each other, connection to the world, and connection to that which is greater than us. Andrea offers both group and one-on-one journeys.

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BRANDI DOYLE - Waynesville, NC

Brandi has dedicated her life to serving others. After high school she answered the call to service and entered the military serving as a combat medic in the Army. After a tour in Afghanistan where she earned a Combat Action Badge she returned home and was left to make meaning of her deeply profound experiences in a war zone.

After years of feeling let down by traditional western medicine as a patient and nurse practitioner, she began a healing journey through holistic approaches. Her journey ultimately led her into empowering others on their healing journeys through various modalities including astrology, energetic medicine, sacred cacao ceremonies, breath-work and coaching.

She is also currently enrolled in a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Brandi is an empathic and intuitive healer on a mission to guide others to discovering their own infinite potentials!

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Carah Elizabeth is a clinically trained psychotherapist with 15+ years of experience supporting individuals in finding wholeness within themselves through her private practice. Since leaving the mental health field Carah has incorporated her training as a Registered Yoga Teacher, with certifications in Yoga Nidra & Yin; Reiki Master Attunement & Somatic Experiencing with her clinical skills to create Body Wisdom Coaching. Carah believes that wounding occurs at the spiritual level and only able to be accessed through a whole body healing experience which begins with the body feeling safe & secure. This holistic approach supports individuals to awaken awareness in their bodies; alchemize past thoughts, beliefs & experiences that created wounding into high vibrational intentions & sensory experiences of actualized desires so they can ascend with intention into an abundantly aligned life.  Since being introduced to SoulLift Cacao Carah has seen the personal benefits of this nurturing plant medicine through her journey with complex grief. Cacao Powered Facilitator certificate has allowed her to deepen her relationship with cacao and add this medicine into her work with individuals to guide them deeper home to themselves. 

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In her art and wellness studio, Sense of Healing, Michelle Hickman unites several modalities in an intuitive flow to support self healing and expansion of consciousness. As an intuitive guide and mixed-media artist, Michelle realizes that energetic pathways are a part of all life!
Michelle developed many of the tools and practices she now incorporates by seeking healing for herself for over a decade. She offers private and group sessions to help your body relax, so your mind can focus:
• Workshops and Day Retreats with Meditation Art with Sound Integration
• Sound Bath with Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, crystal singing bowls and gongs
• Body Tune-ups and Biofield Tuning
• Mindfulness Practice
• Cacao Experience
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Deanna Jaromay is a Reiki Master Teacher and Ceremonial Cacao Practitioner whose profound understanding of the complex human experience led her to the world of energetic healing. Trained in various styles of Reiki, sound therapy, Intuition Medicine, and Theta Healing, she offers a diverse range of healing modalities.

Deanna's passion lies in collaborating with clients, particularly those undergoing medical therapies like cancer treatments, to develop personalized routines that boost their vitality. Through her compassionate energy work, Deanna cultivates peace, calm, and balance, and facilitates profound healing experiences for her clients.

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KK WOOTTON - Los Angeles, CA

After completing undergraduate writing studies at NYU, KK Wootton (she/her) is working toward her masters in psychology. She has studied ceremonial cacao through online coursework with teachers in the United States and Mexico, as well as with Indigenous teachers in Guatemala. Her graduate thesis is focused on working with ceremonial cacao as a sacred medicine in a modern therapeutic context. KK lives in Los Angeles.

Feel free to reach out via Instagram to be notified of KK's upcoming cacao circles or to inquire about private sessions with cacao.
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Laurel is a formally trained Sound Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master Practitioner and is currently studying for her Diploma in Holistic Nutrition, specializing in plant medicine. She has also received training in Shamanic practices. In 2022 she completed Soul Lift Cacao's10 week facilitator training program and joined them on an inspiring tour of cacao collectives in Guatemala, diving deep into the plant medicine's offerings. Through her work Laurel believes that we are all perfect exactly as we are, her goal is to help each person recognize that within themselves by providing a safe container to work through unresolved issues and achieve deep states of relaxation in the present moment. Helping others find their own healed states of bliss by creating a union between mind, body and soul is her intention, utilizing holistic techniques that address the individuals needs. Laurel offers private healing sessions, group sound baths, facilitates cacao journeys and organizes and facilitates retreats. She teaches classes in guided meditation and is an educator and facilitator at the School of Sound and Healing at Angel Light in Elm Grove, Wisconsin.

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