Cacao Practitioner Program

Cacao Practitioner Program

The Soul Lift Cacao Practitioner Program is a way to step up in our community after getting a certificate in our 10-week course.

For an annual membership fee of $50, you'll get:

  • A wholesale rate on purchases.
  • A listing on our Facilitator Directory page to show your website, location, and other info.
  • Referrals for any facilitator requests we get in your area.
  • Admission to a private group with other practitioners, where you can get advice and inspiration.

Entry to the Practitioner Program requires having a certificate showing that you have completed our 10-week course. This is because the Soul Lift Cacao Method is so unique, with a lot of focus on safety, consent, trauma, and ethics.

Just like we are so selective about which sources we work with, we want to ensure that facilitators who represent Soul Lift Cacao are experts in the particular aspects of hosting modern cacao experiences that we see as vitally important.

We also ask that practitioners exclusively share Soul Lift Cacao products at their events.

You'd recoup the membership fee after purchasing 3-4 lbs at the practitioner rate, so this is an amazing opportunity.

If you already have a 10-week course certificate, contact us today to get started with the Practitioner Program!


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