Soul Lift Cacao makes delicious, nutritious superfood cacao available in the U.S. and beyond, in a way that way promotes mindfulness, supports sustainable farming, and protects indigenous traditions.

We work to: 

  • Educate the public about the amazing holistic benefits of artisanal cacao and the promise it holds for the earth, for indigenous cacao makers, and for people around the world consuming this cacao
  • Teach people how to hold safe containers for modern transformational experiences with cacao in an ethical and responsible way
  • Continually find ways to listen and give back to indigenous people 

It's part of our mission to give a portion of profits to charitable projects supporting indigenous cacao producers in Latin America.



We envision a world in which ceremonial cacao has made a full re-emergence into its rightful place as “Food of the Gods.” We want people to ditch highly processed chocolate for snacks, be more mindful about caffeine intake, and limit alcohol and drugs as a way to check out.

Instead they can turn to cacao… for a superfood, for a gentle afternoon pick-me-up without crash or craving, and for a way to connect more with themselves and others in mindful celebration.

And we see this happening in a way that will automatically help people in the countries where cacao grows.


  • HOLISTIC WELLNESS: Supporting people to build a healthier lifestyle according to their unique needs.

  • SUSTAINABILITY: Having a net positive impact, within and without.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Taking responsibility for our actions, and looking at the big picture so that we can remedy the wrongdoings of the past.

  • SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION: Guiding people to unlock their destiny and maximize their life purpose.

  • WONDER: Fostering a state of awe and curiosity about the mystery of life, and how that is enriched by cacao.

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