Soul Lift Cacao Reviews

Soul Lift Cacao Reviews


We feel absolutely confident that the flavor and energy of our artisanal cacao prepared by collectives in Guatemala will exceed your needs, whether for meditative use, a coffee alternative, or an afternoon pick-me-up.

Check out these reviews from our customers. And then visit our Online Shop!

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well its not what I thought I was ordering. So cannot make a good review. I had something different in the cart and somehow at check out managed to het this item.

Fantastic Cacao

From the first taste there was a connection, there is a genuine difference to this cacao and I am grateful to incorporate it into my experience. Thank you!

Soooo good!

You all sure packed a lot of amazing flavor into these little packets! And the mix is perfect, though perhaps just a tad on the sweet side. I’ll definitely be back for more!

Perfectly pure!

Superb product, exceptional and personal service.

Love of Ceremonial Chocolate

Grateful to find Ceremonial Chocolate and the women who work so hard to keep it pure. I love how it has alleviated my headaches from allergies. I also love the daily ritual of thankfulness as it sets the tone for the day. Will definitely continue my Heart of the Earth.

Very soothing and rich taste

Great for grounding, joining with friends to have a cup and morning rituals to pursue the day.


I can literally feel the sacredness and indigenous reverence held by the energetic presence of this cacao. It is infinitely worth it to support these Mayan indigenous practices and specifically of revering the cacao with ceremonial respect 🪶

Lovely cacao!

So far I've really enjoyed this Cacao - it always leaves me feeling calm, peaceful and energized. Highly recommended!


Chocolatey, velvety and all the relaxing feels 😌


Delicious and very potent!! I really love this variety of cacao. The taste is deep and complex and the effect on my mood is very uplifting.

The taste is beautiful and silky.

Informative and helpful. Answered what I needed to know to create ceremony fur myself and to share with ithers

Loveliest product. Thank you so much

Spicy and Sweet!

I recently offered a cacao ceremony at the launch of a new business and it was delicious! The spicy cayanne kick offered some extra warm oomf while everyone from the silent disco cooled down post yoga flow. It was a dreamy day full of heart-opening magic. Having the cacao already made was an easy way for me to feel really confident about what I was serving! Thanks, Nick and Soul Lift Cacao for making my life so delicious and easy. :)

My Personal Favorite!

I've tried some different ceremonial Cacaos, but this one is my personal favorite. It's the rich, chocolate aroma and flavor I like. Amazing heart opener! The shipping is also pretty quick. I've recommended this one to a few people already, including my mom who has also converted from another cacao and made her first purchase of it.

Best Cacao EVER

This is the best I've had. I used my immersion blender, and that made it super smooth.

An essential and important resource for cacao lovers and sharers

The Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cacao Handbook is serving as an incredibly important resource for me as I continue to share cacao with my community. It is providing me with a solid foundation on the history of cacao and how to honor and avoid appropriating the sacred plant medicine.

The only Soul Lift cacao I have not cared for

The only Soul Lift cacao I have not cared for out of the five products I have tried. The flavor is similar to a Dandelion Root herbal coffee like Dandy Blend, and less chocolatey/rich than the others.

So magical & delicious!

This Cacao truly is a magical elixir. I decided to replace my morning coffee with Cacao this year and this is one of the offerings from Soul Lift I purchased. It has helped guide my meditation practice to another level!


I first tried this in a non-ceremonial dose and found it so delicious without any additives. The ceremonial dose is a very earthy taste and grounding feeling.


I love this product! I can't say enough about how much I love it. It's a really treat for me.


Incredible taste and quality. It rips my heart wide open (in a great way)! :)


This cacao is so beautiful! I love all the cacao that Soul Lift has to offer, this one best fits my palate and goes wonderfully with allspice, cinnamon, vanilla, and maple syrup!

Fruity, delightful!

Perfect balance in this mix, dark hot cocoa meets bright rich earthy cacao! Vanilla adds to the creaminess of the cacao and the cherry accentuates the fruity notes too! Cup of fruity YUM for these wintery days!

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