Soul Lift Cacao Reviews

Soul Lift Cacao Reviews


We feel absolutely confident that the flavor and energy of our artisanal cacao prepared by collectives in Guatemala will exceed your needs, whether for meditative use, a coffee alternative, or an afternoon pick-me-up.

Check out these reviews from our customers. And then visit our Online Shop!

NOTE: Did you know that some companies pay people for positive reviews?! We promise never to do that. All of the reviews here have been given voluntarily without promise of reward.

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Fantastic medicine, fantastic service

Shipping was super fast, and the cacao provided (heart of the earth) helped me move through some really heavy emotions. Thank you soul lift!

Cacao Paste

This cacao was so potent. I enjoyed the rich full taste in each sip.

Gorgeous chocolate

A while back I picked up Heart of the Earth to make mole negro, and it was gorgeous. The rich silky chocolate complemented the chiles beautifully.

The cacao drink was really good, and the employee at the store did a really good job explaining the process through which it arrives to our cup. She also did a good job describing all the products the store offers and their mission as a business. Highly recommended.

Wonderful for Ceremony

I love the Heart of the Earth cacao for ceremony and special occasions. I feel like it truly brings in the spirit of Mother Earth and our connection with her. I've added a small amount of coconut sugar and cinnamon, mixing with half water and half coconut milk. It's also wonderful mixed with either the Spicy Dark or Sacred Chai drinking chocolates, adding a bit more depth to the taste experience.

My Favorite!

The Sacred Chai has such a beautiful blend of spices and slight sweetness of the coconut sugar. It's the perfect afternoon treat. I make it with half water and half coconut milk.

Taste Adventure!!

I love the spiciness of this drinking chocolate, and often combine it with the Sacred Chai for even more flavor adventure! I usually mix with half water and half coconut milk for more creaminess.

Happy day!

We made a party blending three choices. All were wonderful - this was the best (maybe it was because we steeped cardamom in our plant milk for our preparation.

unwind, rewind, reset

We were unprepared for the richness of the experience. Bitterness with such a smooth edge had us setting up the coffee press to make the most exquisite cup of cocoa and coffee. We usually drink a second cup mid-morning but this left us so satisfied we did not crave a second cup. I sat and looked out the window at the ice storm perfectly content to be trapped in our home for a few days enjoying each other’s company, relaxing, unwinding, and celebrating the start of Yule. We have finished the large bag already and hope this will be a Seasonal offering for years to come.


I'm treating myself to this morning ritual everyday!
I heat up coconut water and a scoop of the foods of the Gods and savor!

Love Love Lava Love

I absolutely love this cacao blend! Is definitely one of the best cacao blends I’ve tried! Rich and so flavorful, high vibrational medicine. With so much gratitude and reverence to this sacred practice, I use it in my daily life and in ceremonial spaces as I share with others this love, open heart medicine and tradition the best way I can.
Thank you for all you do at SoulLift Cacao ❤️

Heart of the Earth

Lovely product. Best Cacao experience I have had. Velvety, thick and soothing, and full of luscious flavor even without much honey.

Favorite one

I have tried a few and I appreciate each one but my favorite is this one. It brings me to more of a heart center and feels uplifting. The flavor is amazing as well.

Really grew on me

At first, I had trouble with the bitter taste of Mama Amor, but wow, it grew on me. Love!

A daily joy

Rich in flavor with an uplifting sense after I've enjoyed it. The roasted flavors, maybe a bit of banana in there too.... It is gentle and enjoyable. Nothing too complicated but a simple please I am grateful to sip on.

So delicious and amazing quality!

When I visited Guatemala for the first time, I came across the store Lava Love and immediately went in. I am a huge chocolate and cacao fan and trying their product was like a balsamic to the soul and body. The people who attended me were kind and welcoming. I took home some cacao paste and when I ran out, I was a bit sad because it was really giving me so many benefits. Little did I know that they shipped to Puerto Rico and as soon as I found out, I had to order. Its now part of my routine and a true blessing to appreciate this beautiful tradition. Thank you for making this product with so much love!

Sweet loving energy Cacao Ceremony

Love the details of the packaging and the cacao is rich. This was easy to prepare for our Cacao Ceremony. 1 lb bag was enough for 20 people and they loved the taste. Sweet and heart opening cacao lead our circle with a beautiful mayan altar. The energy of this Cacao was felt deeply. Infinite thanks for making this available.

Great taste!

I love the flavor of this; I have it every evening before bed and find it helps with relaxation. I probably don't have the full serving but even a Tbsp in a cup of hot water with a splash of milk is delish. I only wish it mixed better. I use boiling water and an electric hand mixer/whisker, and there are still pieces that aren't fully blended. How? I would think the hot water would do the trick! Either way, it tastes great.

We're glad you like Unwind! It sounds like you might need to use a little more of the mix to get it to blend. A regular serving would be 3-4 tbsp in 8oz of hot water. The least amount that we've been able to get rich and frothy is about 2lbs (14g) in 4oz of hot water. Any less of the mix and there just isn't enough cacao butter to emulsify. Also, make sure the water is at least at steaming temperature. Hope that helps!

A daily ceremony

I absolutely love this ceremonial cacao. My favorite is mixing with almond milk, honey, and cinnamon. I am grateful to all who make it possible for this cacao to be in my hands each day. It has a special energy to it and I love connecting with it. It opens my heart, allowing me to connect back to Self and hold space for healing.

Great for the morning

Making a glass of this goodness is a satisfying ritual for the morning routine. Feels like connection to the Earth itself. While I was drinking this outside one morning, a beautiful hummingbird swooped in to check out the aroma and it was magical. Recommended!


Delicious! Even just smelling the mix in the bag made my mouth water!

Perfect blend

This is a perfect blend of chill energy for me at work. I can focus and enjoy my challenges. Highly recommended!


Nice cacao to spice mix. Enjoy drinking in the mornings. Ready to use just put in hot water and blend. Delicious.

Intense, dark flavor

This cacao is so far the strongest one I’ve tried! It’s flavor is so rich and overpowering, provides a lot of energy almost like coffee, I personally use less of this cacao because the flavor is very intense, it really honors it’s name: LA NOCHE 🌑 I love it ❤️

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