Soul Lift Cacao Reviews

Soul Lift Cacao Reviews


We feel absolutely confident that the flavor and energy of our artisanal cacao prepared by collectives in Guatemala will exceed your needs, whether for meditative use, a coffee alternative, or an afternoon pick-me-up.

Check out these reviews from our customers. And then visit our Online Shop!

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Unconditional love

this cacao’s taste is so amazing and has me loving on a deeper more connected level. my heart is open and my mind is clear ❤️

This has my heart

I loooved this one especially!! My experience was tears of joy while drinking my cacao. My heart felt so expanded and in love.

Full of love

Amazing, assists in connecting to my heart center.

This cacao is truly divine so smooth with a great flavour profile. !!!

Incredible Sourcing + Sustainability

I love this company because they have all facets of their product and business operating in such a synergistic way for all including Mother Earth.

Perfecto!! Rich and Wonderful💛

I soo love this Cacao!! Cannot say enough good things about it! My favorite out of all that I have tasted. Fresh, rich, creamy loveliness. I would recommend to anyone looking for a deep, full flavored blend of cacao butter

Perfect example of conscious ceremonial facilitation

This course is definitely worth the price of admission. I found myself resonating deeply with the philosophies Nick shares, and found the first three modules to be highly impactful in terms of setting the right mindset to enter into the role of ceremonial facilitator. I have completed the first half of the program as of this review, and find the ‘how to’ nature of the middle section of the program to be very helpful, especially for anyone who has not experienced creating or hosting live events. I highly look forward to the last four weeks, as the titles of those modules feel very much aligned to what I wanted to learn in this program.

Drinking Chocolate Cup
Bevin Victoria

I love everything I have tried here so far and the service is always wonderful.
Also was pleasantly surprised by the cacao soda. Super cool flavor and not disgusting like Pepsi or coke. I will be back to try other flavors of the drinking chocolate for sure!

Love this heart-opener!

Love to drink this tasty heart-opener in the morning or afternoon. Makes me feel cozy and comforted!

Amazing Cacao

The drinking chocolate at Soul Lift is wonderful. It really is nourishing and uplifting and I always feel great after having it. The snickerdoodle one is delicious!

Love Soul Lift Cacao

This is the best cacao! Amazing quality! ❤️

Unique treat

Tasty, light, and not too sweet! It’s tastes like a mild fruit juice and is a great way to use some of the rest of the cacao plant that often goes to waste.

Beauty in chocolate

This was a really fantastic ceremonial cacao I have enjoyed it every morning so far that I have had it

Cherry Amor is Love in a Cup

This delicious cup of chocolate love was exactly what I needed to get my day going! So grateful!!

Mother Earth’s Magmic Terroir

I microplane the brick and
store the fines in a sealed glass jar, then melt 3 teaspoons of the fined cacoa in milk as it is steamed for an espresso doppio longo

interestingly the lavalove cacao has an essential earthy spice and subtle aftershock warming background heat to it that is unique to the bean itself seeing as it not a blended spiced brick

mother earth’s volcanic eruptions echo ifrom a lost age n a lasting finish on the palate bending time within each cup

REAL Cacao, mixed with SOUL !

Amazing. This is what you're looking for. Simple.

Really nice.

I ordered the variety pack and this is the first of the five that I have tried. It is really smooth and enjoyable and I didn't sweeten it much as I'm on a keto diet. It was calming and left me feeling very grounded. I'm looking forward to trying different recipes... I would purchase this again.


Great flavor, great spirit!
Loved the tones and the clarity that came with it.
Allowed me to be receptive and creative.


Just starting my journey but very happy with product and shipping!


I already love chai; this Sacred Chai is an absolutely beautiful chai. A really wonderful pairing of dark & chai. Enjoy!!

"Imperfect" Cacao
Mardi Palan
So much love

You are perfect to me cacao. Great service as well! We got a smoothie when we picked it up. Yum!

Amazing Stuff

Incredible, heart-opening, grounding cacao. Some of the best I've had.

Smooth and Groovy

Our family loves a good cacao. This one is a treat. We all love the rich and smooth flavors and lovely mellow feelings. Would definitely recommend and will purchase it again. (We bought all 5 cacao options and are exciting to try and compare them all.)

Okay... this is a revised review!

I tried this again today and for some reason I think my taste buds were majorly off about it in my first impression. It's actually DELICIOUS. I think it tasted off the first time because I had some tahini before I drank it. I feel so bad for my first review! Please disregard it. And I HIGHLY recommend this beautiful ceremonial cacao, too! Thank you for bringing us this medicine. 🙏

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