Soul Lift Cacao Reviews

Soul Lift Cacao Reviews


We feel absolutely confident that the flavor and energy of our artisanal cacao prepared by collectives in Guatemala will exceed your needs, whether for meditative use, a coffee alternative, or an afternoon pick-me-up.

Check out these reviews from our customers. And then visit our Online Shop!

NOTE: Did you know that some companies pay people for positive reviews?! We promise never to do that. All of the reviews here have been given voluntarily without promise of reward.

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I absolutely LOVED my free little logo sticker! Just by looking at the logo you can tell it's an organic non processed type of company

Nothing but delicious

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to enjoy the " imperfect" cacao at a discounted price.

Rich Flavor

The intensity of this cacao flavor is definitely grounding.

Delicious Pick Me UP

Having sworn off caffeine from drinking coffee for a few decades, this cacao mix is a wonderful treat. I add it to some of my ceremonial cacao for an extra delicious drink. Deep breaths and slow sips are key!!

The more I drink it, the more I like it!

This is definitely a darker, dryer cacao with slightly more bitter notes than other varieties. I get hints of peanut butter on the nose. I find it very grounding and settling, comforting. At first I wasn't a fan of the bitterness, but the more I drink it, the more I am enjoying it's flavor profile

So Delicious & Made with Love!

This is one my favorite cacao varieties from Soul Lift Cacao. It has a chocolatey flavor and is so calming and warming. As someone who is sensitive to caffeine, I like how it has minimal caffeine as well. You can tell this cacao is made with intention and love.

Love this reed ring!

Perfect for steadying my jicara -- in such a lovely way!

Love it so much can't try other kinds!

This paste doesn't need sweetener! I put a tiny bit of high grade dark agave and it's perfect. This is the second batch I've gotten and it is so good I can't bring myself to try any of the others. Maybe some day. . . .

One of my favorite

I love the smell, the taste, and the feeling. One of my favorite.

Absolutely delicious

Absolutely delicious!

Dried Cacao Pod
Aurélie Bourne
Love it!

Love my little cacao pod.


Perfect for my jicara brought back from Guatemala!

Truly changing my life!

I absolutely love my ceremonial cacao!!! I drink a cup every morning along with my meditation and journaling. I find it to be extremely grounding and opens me to hear my inner guidance more clearly. I look forward to my cacao time every day! I feel blessed that it helps the women’s initiative also!


I don't usually like fruit flavored chocolates, but I really enjoyed the cherry amor cacao. Tastes like love 💕

Loved it!

This was my first time having ceremonial cacao and it was amazing! The cacao is very filling and easy to drink! I love adding a hint of cayenne pepper to add some spice to it!

Ceremonial Cacao Drink
Patiance Hamilton
Delicious Cacao and Excellent Service

I really enjoyed my trip to Soul Lift Cacao, I didn't know some cacao had more caffeine than some coffee! It was the perfect afternoon pick me up. The person who helped us was very friendly and knowledgeable, it was nice to purchase something made by real people. There are also other things for sale other than cacao like handmade runners that can be used for all sorts of things, I will definitely be back here.

I now have two

I wasn’t sure at first what I would do with them. Turns out, lots of things. I wanted to make a ceremonial space for cacao, meditation, incense, entheogenics, breathwork. Anything handmade in a more sane culture, so bright, is welcome in this space. These are now elements, either as a table runner or gathered into semicircles around other elements.

I have also worn them both. At first I thought the rainbow one would be way too wild for my usual drab quail clothing palette, but the bright pop sets up a dramatic contrast. Even quails have some shimmery pops around the throat in the right lights. It’s nice to carry over the reminder of ceremonial insights into regular life business this way, in dress.

Cacao Frother
Kimberly Carroll
Happy Happy

Excellent foam and rechargeble batteries!!

New to Cacao.

I was introduced to Cacao medicine from a friend and have recently began my journey. I initially was looking for a morning coffee/caffeine substitute. Cacao is much more than that. Coupled with a meditative morning ceremony, giving thanks and setting good intention, I feel a calm soothing sense of energy throughout my day. I purchased Heart of Earth and thoroughly enjoying all it's offering. Looking forward to trying others. Thank you Soul Lift.


Really delicious and has a kick, which is exactly what I was looking and hoping for.

"Imperfect" Cacao
Angelica Hayes
Far from imperfect!

Might be sold as imperfect for whatever reason, but truly far from imperfection. This cacao has been a gift to receive and consume and I am ever grateful for the high quality and accessible medicine you provide.

Copal Incense
Elaine C
Excellent quality

I’ve been getting copal from Mexico for 20 years. This is excellent quality- long burning and rich scented. Worth the cost for sure !

One of my favorites

Ruk'u'x Ulew is one of my go-to's when it comes to working with cacao. Nice texture, nice flavor, and it's great for people who are new to authentic indigenous medicine.

Delicious Cacao

I purchased The Heart of the Earth Cacao, which was delicious and potent. The cacao came fast and was well packaged. Will definitely use Soul Lift again.

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