Soul Lift Cacao Reviews

Soul Lift Cacao Reviews


We feel absolutely confident that the flavor and energy of our artisanal cacao prepared by collectives in Guatemala will exceed your needs, whether for meditative use, a coffee alternative, or an afternoon pick-me-up.

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Activation of my heart & womb which led me and my boyfriend into beautiful ecstatic dance and deep connection. Strong and rich flavor that drops you into pure connection with Mother Earth and the energy of the beautiful women who have cultivated this. Thank you!


Great taste. Very smooth. Would recommend

Heart Of The Earth Cup

while connecting with this plant medicine, I invisioned all the women who surrounded it to peel, roast, grind the cacao beans all while singing & praying. The cup tastes of community, devotion, rich aroma of joy & love for the artisanal work of this rich cup of ancestry wisdom.

Introductory Cacao Training Course
Tómas bragi Jónsson hauth
Absolutely wonderful!

As the title says, I found the course absolutely wonderful, very interesting and informative too as previous reviewer mentioned ^.^

Thank you Nick 🙏

Unparalleled Taste!

I love the creaminess of this cacoa. The taste is pure and the texture is perfect. This is my favorite cacoa of all time! Great product - thank you!

Azaria Grace
It's the little things!

Adding this into my cacao supported my body in stepping out of the busy go, go, go into being. Thank you.

Bringing ceremony into my day.

Every time I've drank cacao I am more connected to my emotional body. Cacao has helped bring feelings to the surface in a loving and gentle way. We are so blessed to have this heart medicine available at our fingertips.


Thank you for this medicine. I am grateful for this experience and for everyone who made it possible to share it with us!


Smooth, luscious and healing! I am so grateful to have bought this.


What a beautiful expierence! The quality of the cacao is wonderful and I am simply in love with the energic and loving feelings that I received during my meditation dose.

Hits the spot

Delicious and vibrant mocha, I can really taste how the coffee and cacao work together energetically and in their flavor profiles. I got the Springs variety with medium roast coffee. No crash later, probably from the healthy fats in the cacao smoothing out the coffee.

Cherry Love

Great pairing of chocolate and cherries!

Rich and Potent

This is one of my favorite cacao’s! The flavor is amazing and the feel of it is very supportive energetically and spiritually.

Delicious- I have this every day. The flavor is unique and flowery.

Rich & Flavorful

Extremely high quality- love it!


Absolutely rich, delicious and powerful. Grateful to have access to this pure cacao ✨ LOVE ❤️


Really loving the paste. The taste is perfect and clean. I use this every morning so I don't know how long it'll last, but definitely will purchase again based on size and quality.

Cacao dreams

This stuff is beyond dreamy. A ceremonial dose of this cacao noticeably uplifted my mood, but in a subtle, non-jittery way. It just makes you feel good. I also love the taste, smooth and velvety. I won’t go without this cacao paste in the home again ❤️


Order this cacao after doing some research and so glad I did. No broken bits when it arrived. It cut easily and melted fast. I want sure about the taste and just went on a whim with flavor but the I loved it. Mixed with cinnamon, cayenne, honey, and warm coconut milk. Perfect. I'll be incorporating this into our monthly rituals with my daughter in our native practices. And this smells great too! I plan to replace my morning coffee with it too. Thank you

Delicious :)

This is incredibly delicious!! I'm not a caffeine drinker but sometimes feel like I could use a little boost, and this is the perfectly balanced product for that. Treat yourself, yum!

Wonderful healing medicine

I love this high quality cacao. Thank you for this medicine!

Powerful Healing Medicine

I had the most beautiful feeling during the ceremony. As soon as I finished my cup, the high hit and it was so euphoric. I just felt this overwhelming love for myself and my body. Every single intention I set came to pass over the week after. It was such a healing and profound week of shadow work and beautiful blissful releases. I'm very sensitive and only took .5 oz so I can't even imagine the healing that would have taken place if I took the recommended amount. Such a powerful medicine. I can't wait to do my next ceremony.

Spiritual Awakening

This is truly medicine for the soul! Happy with the product as it easily helps me slip into a meditative state.

Beautiful, gentle heart opening medicine! I am happy to support a company who credits and respects the tribes people who so graciously prepare this cacao.

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