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Merari Tapia

Absolutely rich, delicious and powerful. Grateful to have access to this pure cacao ✨ LOVE ❤️

Wren H

Really loving the paste. The taste is perfect and clean. I use this every morning so I don't know how long it'll last, but definitely will purchase again based on size and quality.

Nicole Mears

Order this cacao after doing some research and so glad I did. No broken bits when it arrived. It cut easily and melted fast. I want sure about the taste and just went on a whim with flavor but the I loved it. Mixed with cinnamon, cayenne, honey, and warm coconut milk. Perfect. I'll be incorporating this into our monthly rituals with my daughter in our native practices. And this smells great too! I plan to replace my morning coffee with it too. Thank you

Carah Elizabeth
So magical & delicious!

This Cacao truly is a magical elixir. I decided to replace my morning coffee with Cacao this year and this is one of the offerings from Soul Lift I purchased. It has helped guide my meditation practice to another level!

Jake T

This cacao is so beautiful! I love all the cacao that Soul Lift has to offer, this one best fits my palate and goes wonderfully with allspice, cinnamon, vanilla, and maple syrup!

Springs 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao Paste - 1lb Block


Tucked deep in the rainforests along the Pacific Coastal front lies ancient groves where this cacao grows among freshwater springs, coffee plantations, and diverse fruit forests. This cacao is very rich, smooth, pleasantly bitter, and has a hint of coffee flavor. It's prepared into paste by the Cacao Source women's collective at Lake Atitlan. *Our labels and branding are approved by the producers, and we have their consent to share the cacao for the betterment of humanity.*

Cacao has been celebrated as “Food of the Gods” in Central and South America since ancient times, long before the chocolate industry altered the original treasure.

Every purchase of this cacao supports Mayan indigenous people through ethical direct trade, and helps them preserve their spiritual traditions and values. For more info about us and our partners, visit

Combine 1/4 cup finely chopped cacao with 8oz hot water. Melt cacao using a blender (with caution!), milk frother, or just a spoon. Add cayenne pepper and natural sweetener to taste. 

Cacao can also be added to smoothies, oatmeal, ice cream, and other foods. Experiment with making your own chocolates or bliss balls!


Product of Guatemala

Ingredients: Pure cacao paste (Theobroma cacao)

Storage info: Keep in a cool, dry, dark place. Refrigeration not required.

Allergen info: Packed in a facility that also handles dairy, eggs, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish.

*NOTE: Packaging may differ slightly from the photos here. 

*Some melting of cacao paste may occur during shipping. This isn’t a problem in terms of the quality of the cacao, but the shape may be different than pictured. 

*Color and pattern variation is natural for pure artisanal cacao. Smooth white areas are most likely the natural cacao butter. Reach out if you have any questions.

*Please allow up to 7 business days from the time you place your order until you need your cacao to arrive. Thanks for understanding that we cannot process expedited orders at this time.