How to Make an Iced Cacao Drink

How to Make an Iced Cacao Drink

A cup of warm cacao is great year-round. But when it gets really hot outside, some people prefer a drink over ice.

So can you make ceremonial cacao as an iced drink?

The answer is YES! It's just a little tricky.

When mixing cacao with ice, it's important to fully emulsify the natural fats in the cacao first, so that the texture goes from gritty to smooth.

But if you make a drink the usual way and then add ice, it will get too watery.

Rest assured, there's a way to make it perfect!

Once people taste an iced cacao drink, they instantly understand that drinking chocolate isn't just a winter thing, and that ice doesn't take away from the sacredness of the cacao at all.

We just made this quick and easy guide to making an iced drink with any of our 100% pure ceremonial cacao or drinking chocolate options.

Note that for a drinking chocolate mix it's going to be 1.4oz/40g per 8oz drink. Just follow the instructions on your package, but use half the hot water!

How do you make an iced cacao drink? Here's our step by step guide:

how to make an iced ceremonial cacao drink


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