Price Changes Online and at Our Portland Cafe

Price Changes Online and at Our Portland Cafe

It's a tough time to run a small independent business with a brick-and-mortar shop right now.

We regret to announce that prices rose for most of our packaged goods (online and in-person) and our cafe menu items on May 1, 2022.

There are a couple reasons for the change.

One is the inflation and supply issues that so many are experiencing right now.

The other is that we just opened our cafe in June 2021 and are still figuring out how to price our items in a way that is financially sustainable.

Cacao costs more than coffee, for example. Plus our model sends an average of 11 times the "fair trade" rate for cacao or chocolate back to the source country.

We source non-GMO and certified organic ingredients whenever possible. And our menu is totally gluten- and dairy-free. These all cost more than conventional items.

We're doing our best to keep making ceremonial cacao and drinking chocolate available during this challenging time.

THANK YOU for supporting our model based on ethical direct trade with independent cacao farmers and collectives in Guatemala.


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