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Nous sommes absolument convaincus que la saveur et l'énergie de notre cacao artisanal préparé par des collectifs d'Amérique latine dépasseront vos besoins, que ce soit pour une utilisation méditative, une alternative au café ou un remontant l'après-midi.

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high quality, good tasting

Yum! It feels very grounding to me to drink it. I can tell it's high quality.

Mint Condition

Super yum! Mellow Mint matches the mood I always want to be in. It is dreamy, calming, and has been the perfect soothing sip during this winters hibernation. ♥ Trying the other flavors now...

Gift recipient loved it

Given as a gift, was told it was very beautiful and they loved it

Great product

I ordered a sample to try online and it was an easy process to order and great product with great taste.

Informative, culturally respectful and interesting

Thanks Nick!

Not something I preferred

It wasn’t something I preferred, it had an interesting paper-like aftertaste? I’m not sure if that’s the buttery/savory notes that it mentioned.

Love this product!

I have a Friday night ritual after work that includes burning sage and palo santo, listening to healing frequencies, pulling some cards from one of my decks and of course Soul Lift Cacao. I love this cacao. It's delicious. High quality. And it opens my heart. It's provides the perfect end to my week and I always look forward to it.

Clay Mug
Dante Cortez
Where is it I have not received it

It’s payed for and not received.

Amazing Training

I’m 4 weeks into this training, and so far it’s been a wonderful experience. I have always had an interest in facilitating cacao ceremonies but wasn’t sure where to start. The information shared in this course is absolutely fantastic. Soul Lift Cacao is also a beautiful brand, offering the best quality ceremonial cacao I’ve ever had. I highly recommend.

Beautiful Flavor

I believe this to be my favorite so far. It's beautiful, rich and very grounding. I used it at one of my recent Cacao Ceremonies and Sound Baths and everyone wanted a 2nd serving. It was a huge hit. I am happy to have another flavor to share with others. Thank you for having so much variety. I'll be buying more of this as well as others.

So good:)

This is my favorite drink. It's so yummy and satisfying!!!


I love the flavor of the Snickerdoodle. It is a treat and I enjoy sipping on it!

Springs or (Siguacan)

Really love this ceremonial cacao and its rich flavor with notes of coffee. My first order was because I can not have coffee but wanted a ceremonial cacao that had the flavor of coffee and this does the trick. Have tried many different cacaos from different regions and this is in my top two favorites! ❤️

Beautiful Heart Opener!

Thank you so much for providing this pure, magical Cacao! As a Psychedelic Ceremony Facilitator, I am now in the habit of serving Heart of Earth prior to the Sacrament in Ceremony. It has added such a comforting layer to the magic molecule experience. Thank you, Soul Lift! Mush love, stephi YouTube video placeholder
My second 1lb order

This cacao has a great taste and smell. I eat it straight out of the package. Both my orders have been fresh. The packaging is well sealed with no odor leakage, but not excessive or wasteful. Shipping was fast both times which is really appreciated. The effects are very strong though hard to describe. I like the fact that it comes as a solid piece rather than a bag of fragments. A solid piece has less surface area to absorb air and moisture, making it stay fresh longer.


I really see no difference in this product from the 100% organic cocoa ( not processed with alkalai) that I can buy at the supermarket for a fraction of the price. I feel scammed.

Hi Suzanne, sorry to hear you weren't happy with your purchase. This article on our blog explains all that goes into the ceremonial cacao products we carry in terms of artisanal craft, supporting indigenous traditions, and promoting financial equity:

Since cacao paste has all the original cacao butter, the closest comparison isn't cocoa powder but baker's chocolate. Either one is typically a lot more processed and has less transparency in the sourcing. But obviously we want people to enjoy our products aside from just the backstory!

We'll reach out to you directly to see if there's any way we can help you have a better experience with our products. Feel free to write to us on the Contact page anytime there's an issue in the future.

Somewhat intense, at least for me

I wish I hadn’t ordered so much. I’ve only had it once because the aftertaste is a bit overwhelming. I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but for me, personally, it affects my stomach in a not so pleasant way. I just wish I’d ordered the single serving before getting the larger bag. But, I’ve loved both the cherry and pumpkin spice varieties! They were perfect!

Hi Mandy, sorry you weren't happy with the Sacred Chai! You could try making a smaller amount (1/8 cup can go in a blender with 4oz of hot water), and then adding non-dairy milk (we recommend oat milk). Or you could just make the whole drink in heated oat milk to smooth it out. We're glad you love the Cherry Amor and Pumpkin Spice. Maybe blending the Chai and Pumpkin Spice together would do the trick. :)

Really lovely

I really loved this one, bright and flavorful with a subtle but still very impactful sensation. Made for a really lovely and nourishing and special ritual (as all of the Soul Lift Cacaos do).

Complex Flavor

I love how you can taste the hints of berry in it! It’s not too overwhelming, just a perfect note. I love how easy it blends as well! 😊

Delicious and sacred

I loved this ceremonial cacao. I’ve been having beautiful ceremonies. Just placed my second order.


I truly enjoyed this product!! It’s very delicious and I know it’s good for my health and soul!

Signature Spice Blend
Very potent

It is very potent and if you don’t like cardamom, you won’t like it. I put it in my ceremonial cacao and it was good. Just don’t use too much.

Amazing product

This drink is amazing I need to stock up and buy more! Very rich in flavor!

can't stop!

I have been drinking Cacao for a few years now, this pre-ground flavored mixture is so good and so easy to prepare!

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Cacao Retreats
Retraites Cacao

juin 12, 2023

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Pourquoi cette étiquette d'avertissement figure-t-elle sur l'emballage ?

janvier 31, 2023

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Fundraisers & Charitable Projects
Collectes de fonds et projets caritatifs

janvier 24, 2023

Nous avons choisi d'aller au-delà de la simple vente du cacao cérémonial fabriqué par les collectifs mayas du Guatemala. Nous organiserons également des collectes de fonds pour obtenir du matériel pouvant améliorer la qualité de vie de nos amis travailleurs du cacao.

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